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    Rolls Royce develops remote-controlled crewless cargo ships

    One of the few things we learned from Captain Philips was the fact that pirates are real and they aren’t really as friendly as Jack Sparrow. Pirates have been a constant threat to the modern world of sea transport and have been known to cause considerable losses to human life and business. Rolls Royce came up with a futuristic solution to this problem with remote controlled cargo ships that will carry goods around the globe, without a human crew! Instead, the ship will be captained from shore.
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  • Futuristic space-shuttle-shaped mountain shelters reinvented by Cassina

    Decades ago, designers Charlotte Perriand and Pierre Jeanneret came up with a futuristic mountain shelter called the Refuge Tonneau, good enough to make outer space aliens and sci-fi fans feel at home. Now, more than seven decades later, design firm Cassina has breathed life back into the project to create these mountain shelters made from light aluminum and pine wood. With a sturdy exterior and a cozy interior, the structures have enough space for eight people.
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    Hyundai unveils the hydrogen fuel-cell powered Intrado concept

    Hyundai has envisioned the car of the future and created a vehicle that’s capable of turning heads and enabling mankind to get around in a more organic and energy-efficient way. Called the Intrado, this concept car design by the automotive giant demonstrates how “advanced vehicle technologies and intelligent design can combine to engage more effectively with driver and passengers.” The car is inspired by aircrafts and packs a futuristic hydrogen fuel cell powertrain that leads to zero carbon emission.
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    Sun Bird playground in Colorado is inspired by bird nests

    Building a playground for children requires lots of creativity, ingenuity and insight, and the Tres Birds Workshop seems to have mastered it all! The firm unveiled this one-of-a-kind playground, designed for the town of Vail in Colorado. Called the Sun Bird, this playground replicates bird nests and sports three large nests structures that are constructed from wood.
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    Pomegranate battery concept carry 10 times more charge than regular batteries!

    The technology world does seem fairly obsessed with fruits, which is why after Blackberries and Apples, we now have a Pomegranate! Researchers at Stanford University were inspired by the juicy fruit and came up with this supercharged anode battery. Developed in collaboration with the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, this battery uses the pomegranate’s unique seed design and is capable of storing 10 times more charge than a standard rechargeable lithium-ion battery!
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    Equal electric car concept designed for disabled drivers

    Folks with disabilities do find it extremely difficult to travel, particularly by cars where getting in and out isn’t a breeze. This is also why most disabled people stay away from the driver’s seat and are required to be dependent on more able-bodied folk to be driven around. Absolute Design recently came up with an eco-friendly solution to this problem with a car concept called the Equal. The vehicle is an electricity-powered contraption that enables people restricted to wheelchairs to be able to drive it!
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    NEX smart bands enable teenagers to game, send messages and stay ‘notified’!

    Smart watches have grabbed the attention of technology geeks and dorks like us, world over. However, average teens haven’t really developed an affinity for these extensions to smartphones, yet. So, to attract the teenage population, the NEX band was developed and unveiled recently, sporting the appearance of a trendy bracelet and enabling teenagers to send secret messages, unlock game levels and personalize their look.
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    Energy 23cs electric boat makes sailing a green affair

    And if you thought nothing gets better than basking in the sun while out in the deep blue sea on your boat, think again! The recent Boot Dusseldorf show proved that there are better ways to hit the azure than fossil-fuel powered boats, with the unveiling of the astoundingly beautiful 23-foot (6.9 m) long Energy 23cs from Slovenia’s Alfastreet Marine. An electric boat to be precise, the Energy 23cs is unlike any other sea-faring vessel we’ve seen before and come with 48-volt electric motors from Aquamot hooked onto a standard 12-kWh AGM battery pack.
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    Intelligent ‘Power Laces’ to grace Nike shoes of the future

    No, the world of nerdiness and dorkiness isn’t half as enthusiastic about the dawn of the time machine as it is about the arrival of self-lacing shoes! People from around the globe have begun drooling upon these hot futuristic shoes from Nike’s stables that recently surfaced with images on social media. While the sportswear manufacturer plans to unleash these kicks by 2015, here’s a little peek at what’s in store for us. The shoes sport an Arduino microcontroller and a pressure sensor in the sole to detect when the trainer is being worn. Two servo motors then automatically tighten the shoe’s laces for a comfortable fit.
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    Colon-shaped hotel in Belgium welcomes you to a world of digestion

    Ever wondered what it’d feel like to live inside a human body organ for a couple of days or more? Well, we haven’t and we’re guessing most ordinary people don’t think of stuff like this. A few others, however, go to the extent of creating colon shaped structures, like this hotel nestled between Antwerp and Ghent in Flanders, Belgium. Called the CasAnus Hotel, this structure, amusingly and somewhat disgustingly, is made to replicate a human intestinal tract.
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