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    Mini unveils mini mobile homes for mini vacations

    mini-1BMW’s British automotive marque, Mini, has just proved that small is indeed quite big, so long as you don’t ferry everyone in your family around wherever you go. The automobile manufacturer has just unveiled a line-up of Mini variants that are the “World’s Smallest Luxury and Versatile Home on Wheels”. With three models to offer, that include the Mini Clubvan Camper, the Mini Cowley and the Mini Countryman ALL4 Camp, the automaker has cleverly packed in nearly all the essential features of a full-sized RV in the back of a compact car!
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  • Dutch designer Pauline van Dongen creates solar-powered dresses

    solar-dress-1We’ve always fancied solar panels, but we’ve never thought of wearing these as a fashions statement before. Behold, the dress that charges up your gadgets with green juice and promises to grab eyeballs, at the same time! Designed by Dutch designer Pauline van Dongen, this experimental line of clothes harnesses the power of the sun using integrated solar panels and are capable of charging devices like smartphones.
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    The PaperFold will make you ditch your smartphone, tablet and laptop for good!

    paperfoldFor now, the phablet craze has pretty much wrapped its oversized arms around a substantial part of the technology world. While the small-is-big ideology isn’t really given a second thought today, we could soon be welcoming home a new type of smart device that works as a smartphone, a tablet and even a mini laptop! Scientists have successfully managed to create a prototype of a foldable smartphone that can be unfolded into a tablet and a notebook. Using three flexible electrophoretic screens and lots of hinges, this shape-changing smartphone is currently being called the PaperFold.
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    The Fly Citycopter concept by Eduardo Galvani could soon help us fly to the grocery store!

    fly-citycopter-1Forget supercars and jets, the next thing you should be adding to your wishlist is the Fly Citycopter! A concept by Eduardo Galvani, this futuristic helicopter aims to change the way we city-dwellers travel and is a flying contraption that one can literally have parked in a garage! The Fly Citycopter takes to the skies, above the packed city streets you’ve been using all along, and promises to travel to speeds of up to 120 miles per hour. Powered by energy from the sun, the Fly Citycopter includes a rechargeable electric engine and a body that features a tri-rotor design made from carbon, aluminium, and titanium.
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    Cupetit Concept Store in Taiwan is inspired by cupcakes

    cupetit-2Cupcakes are round and delicious and so is this store that sells them. Located in Taiwan, the Cupetit Concept Store was designed by Taiwanese studio Guoplus Living Design and offers cupcakes and desserts. Completely inspired by the food it sells, the Cupetit Concept Store will also play home to functions as a gallery and events space, enabling local artists to step inside and entertain guests with their works.
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    Cuckoo Clocks Mixing The Traditional and the Modern

    8day movement cuckoo clock-1
    Filling shop floors until they are snapped up by anyone tasteful enough to place these products in their home, the remarkably stylish cuckoo clocks offer magnificence for plenty of reasons. These timeless pieces are originally from Germany and have been evolving in their design since the latter part of the 19th century. They are a sentimental and unique addition to any household in which they are placed and provide a fantastic basis for conversation. Imaginative flair is predominant in these funky household implements and they are as flamboyant as they are useful.
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    Ribbon Chapel is a beautiful romantic Chapel located in Japan

    double-helix-chapel-1Emerging out from the trees like a criss cross spiral stairs that delicately meet at the top is the Ribbon Chapel, a new wedding venue designed by architect Hiroshi Nakamura. Located at the Seto Inland Sea Resort in Japan, this beautiful romantic chapel has planned two separate ribbon spirals for the bride and the groom to climb or descend the stairs separately and out of sight, as there’s the belief that it’s bad luck for the couple to see each other before the ceremony. The unison of two lives can be witnessed by the guests standing in the yard below. The top of the chapel also serves as an observation deck, looking out over the Seto Inland Sea.
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    DOCK IT station is a modular relaxation system

    dock-it-1With the increasing need for continuous connectivity, public dock stations are extremely sought after places these days and DOCK IT station fulfils the norms. This modular relaxation system designed for stopover at public places is inspired by swarms of large fishes or submarines objects flown around with water as main theme of design. The objects are placed into the flow of moving visitors of the given premises. Dock it station visualised by AMOSDESIGN for public areas, shopping galleries or large halls. Such a kind of sitting arrangement is very desirable as one can recharge their tablets or mobile phones as well as the Wi-Fi connection.
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    Ludovica, a perfect lamp for people who love to read

    ludovica-lamp-1Ludovica, is a seamless compact lamp for people who love to read . Designed by Zanocchi & Starke, a young design studio based in Turin (Italy), it is a perfect light for those who also love to maintain their books in order with style. A painted aluminum frame and a removable luminous element in opaque white plastic are the two components of the lamp. It’s slanted on one side to hold your books and when you want to read, you can remove the opaque white plastic light to take with you to wherever you want to read. It’s slanted on one side to hold your books and when you want to read, you can remove the opaque white plastic light to take with you to wherever you want to read.
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    Luna Wash cleans your dirty clothes right in the Hamper

    luna-wash-1Luna wash, a new concept in washing machines designed for this year’s Electrolux Design Challenge is an in hamper washing machine. Juan Camilo Restrepo Villamizar developed the Luna, which is an electrostatic spherical washing machine where the metallic sphere loads a little dose of water and is placed into the pile of dirty clothes. To wash the clothes, fill the Luna wash with little water and place it into your laundry. It produces a steam which removes the dirt out of the clothes.
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