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    The Distortion bag is futuristically suave!

    distortion-futuristic-bag-1Fashion designers love triangles. This is just why BAO BAO ISSEY MIYAKE and N&R Foldings joined hands recently to create a bag that’s completely constructed from triangles! Called Distortion, this bag is as out-of-the-box as can be and has its triangular pieces attached to a kind of mesh material. When put together, the Distortion bag transforms into a completely practical accessory!
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  • Austrian architects create a one-of-a-kind zig-zag building façade

    zig-zag-building-facade-1Flat facades are boring. Instead of settling for these, Love Architecture and Urbanism came up with this concept façade that’ll make just about any multi-floored structure eye-catching and awesome! Based in Graz, the architects came up with this façade to transform the new Ragnitzstrasse 36 apartment block and give it a spark at a better life. The façade includes zig-zag balconies that are great to look at and don’t compromise on privacy either!
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    Frame chair is a photography prop and seating solution alike!

    frame-chair-1With the addition of ‘selfie’ to the world’s dictionaries, everyone’s camera-ready all of a sudden. This explains the Frame chair concept by Ola Giertz. Unlike a regular seating arrangement with a soft cushion to sit on and a spongy backrest, the Frame looks like what its name claims it to be, a 3D photo-frame! The chair was designed for Materia and enables users to sit on it in different positions, for the best of their comfort.
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    Will future Harley Davidson bikes stop roaring and whisper instead?

    harley-davidson-livewire-1A “quite Harley Davidson” is pretty much a paradox. These bikes, known to drink tankards of gas and roar around neighborhoods frightening little old ladies, now have a change of heart. The Milwaukee-based motorcycle company could soon be dishing out bikes that thump a little lesser than usual, much to the disappointment of bikes and the pleasure of everyone else. Very recently, the company showed off a teaser video that featured an electric bike zip by on Route 66.
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    LEGO adds a touch of technology to its legendary bricks

    lego-fusion-1Kids these days don’t really play with the toys we’ve grown up with. Instead, the younger generation spends more time on computers, tablets and smartphones. In an effort to bridge the digital world with tangible toys, LEGO has come up with a concept that literally enables kids to use LEGO bricks to build an entire virtual town! The LEGO Fusion concept requires kids to build facades of buildings with bricks. These are then to be scanned with a smartphone or tablet app.
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    Lujac Desautel designs a yacht inspired by LEGO blocks and skyscrapers

    lujac-desautel-1Yachts do no necessarily need to look like big over-expensive boats. California College of the Arts architecture student Lujac Desautel recently proved the same with this concept inspired by interlocking LEGO blocks and skyscrapers. The vessel is organized vertically by three cubic volumes that provide enough space for guests and crew members, or simply put, a grand boat party.
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    Russian firm Ruetemple designs a one-of-a-kind transformer-type furniture solution

    ruetemple-designs-furniture-1Is this a bed? Is this a sofa? Or is this a lounger? Well, it’s all of them! Designed by the geniuses at Russian architecture firm Ruetemple, this piece of modular furniture is capable of quickly transforming into various shapes to suit a user’s needs! The furniture piece is made of three separate, wheeled components that can be assembled in a seemingly infinite variety of ways!
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    Tiny vibrating device with sensors could help the blind get around!

    vibrating-clothesVisually impaired people still have a hard time getting around today, despite the fact that technology innovations have reached the pinnacle, or have they? This recent development we’ve spotted could soon be helping folks with visual disorders get around safely and keep them away from harm’s way. The New York-based company Tactile Navigation Tools has developed a hands-free wearable device with sensors to detect obstacles.
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    Nissan unveils a swanky supercar for a video game, the 2020 Vision Gran Turismo

    nissan-virtual-future-supercar-1Years ago, Nissan managed to stop the world of motorcars stop dead in its tracks and stare wide-eyed as the Japanese automotive giant unveiled one of the most legendary vehicles in the world, the GTR. More recently, the company has shown of a swanky futuristic new concept that looks like a Batman-edition of the GTR, christened the 2020 Vision Gran Turismo. However, unlike most automakers in the world, Nissan won’t show off this concept at an auto-show, and will instead have it featured in an upcoming video game!
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    Lado Bokuchava’s Atelier Kikala Autumn/Winter 2014/2015 collection shimmers bright

    atelier-kikala-collection-0We’ve been spending a lot of our time lately watching the fourth season of the Game of Thrones series, obviously. This is also why Georgian designer Lado Bokuchava’s Atelier Kikala Autumn/Winter 2014/2015 collection caught our eye. We’ve been fantasizing of joining the Gold Cloaks, i.e. the Kingsguard off-late and these clothes seem to perfectly fit our attire wishlists! Made in a palette of monochromatic, colored and metallic hues, Bokuchava’s creations are eye-catching to say the least.
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