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    Apple Radio comes with two 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound speakers

    Apple have set the benchmark for design innovation and there’s no doubting that they’re leading the charge when it comes to enhancing quality of products through good looks and design. This astonishingly ‘Apple’ Radio device is testimony to this fact. It is made to promote and make Apple Music spread even wider. The device is capable of streaming live events from radio stations across the globe and also doubles up as a portable speaker with a pair of powerful 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound output. The radio is nothing near fragile, thanks to the sleek-looking aluminum exterior that adds rigidity and an elegant look to the radio. The device has only one port on it. The USB-C port charges the device and acts as the connector to other devices as well. You can also use Bluetooth for that purpose. The frontal radio illuminates to indicate pairing.
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  • Auto Boat is a smartphone-controlled for the solitary sailor

    When you first look at the Auto Boat you’d think it is a simple, functional floating object that could run through the serene backwaters of a coastal waterway, a recluse away from technology. But no. That isn’t what the Auto Boat really is. In fact, it’s got some really high-end technology that inspires it to sail around town. It is the brainchild of Will Reed, a boat builder and Jonas Jongejan, a programmer. The one-seat boat is completely controlled by a smartphone. It leverages an app that creates a pre-determined route for the boat to follow. Then app would then affect the propulsion system to guide the passenger to their destination. Two small motors on either side of the boat and the in-built GPS system steer the boat to the destination that has been defined for it.
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    See through church is made of 30 tons weathered steel

    church is made of 30 tons weathered steel 1
    The foundation of this brilliantly constructed church may be made of concrete but the rest of it is constructed from a generous volume of weathered steel. 30 tones to be precise. The steel panels are stacked horizontally with deliberate gaps between them. This gives visitors the opportunity to look into the church and in fact through it, as each side of the church is made with a similar arrangement. When placed at a particular viewpoint the church will seem to disappear from view and appear as a mere distortion to the landscape. The church was constructed back in 2011 and is situated in rural Limburg, Belgium.
    church is made of 30 tons weathered steel 2
    The project is the work of architects Pieterjan Gijs and Arnout Van Vaerenbergh of the Gijs Van Vaerenbergh studio. It is aptly named the ‘Reading Between The Lines’ project. It is 10 meters tall and is built from 100 layers of stacked weathered steel, constituting an incredible 2,000 columns of metal.
    church is made of 30 tons weathered steel 3

    church is made of 30 tons weathered steel 4

    [Via – Inhabitat]

    Yonos Smart Lamp is an overdose of utility

    Yonos Smart Lamp 1
    Lamps should generally do more than offer light. That’s why we have lamps such as the Yonos Smart Lamp that come rigged with features and accessories that extend beyond the usual lighting. The lamp offers everything from mobile charging to some rather cool lighting settings. For starts, it doubles up as a Bluetooth speaker and USB charger. An app enables integration with your smartphone. The lamp also draws radio waves to keep you entertained and also supports hands-free calling. Little did the past know about lamps that can be spoken to. The illumination modes are a special kind of awesome and include settings such as wake-up light, natural sounds, sunset simulation, proximity sensor and social media notifications. It also offers a rotary knob for analog control.
    Yonos Smart Lamp 2
    The Yonos Smart Lamp comes dressed in a minimalist drape that is a welcome sight in most modern decors. It is made of hand-blown glass and stainless steel. The lights, the hues, the functions and more help make this one a truly desirable design.
    Yonos Smart Lamp 3

    [Via – Yankodesign]

    Lucy Mirror follows the sun and reflects sunlight

    Lucy Mirror follows the sun and reflects sunlight 1
    There have been myths about how sunflowers follow the movement of the sun. While some agree that the leaves do portray some photosensitive functions, it is really disappointing to not have something that keeps staring at the sun. So, we can fill this gaping void with the Lucy Smart Adaptive Mirror that not only follows the sun but also reflects the light wherever you want it to be reflected. Developed by Solencia-based Diva Tommei, who suffered from Seasonal Affective Disorder while at Cambridge University, this amazing mirror can reflect sunlight at a poorly lit spot in a house or room. You can position Lucy indoors or outdoors without any installation.
    Lucy Mirror follows the sun and reflects sunlight 2
    This is a great way to promote natural lighting and brighten up dark homes. The mirror employs a special algorithm, which is based on strategically positioned photosensors. It’s a great idea and investment to bring in to most ‘sleek’ modern spaces that rely on electricity to lighten up their interiors.
    Lucy Mirror follows the sun and reflects sunlight 3

    Lucy Mirror follows the sun and reflects sunlight 4

    [Via – Tuvie]

    AirDiv concept makes terrestrial gliding a reality

    AirDiv concept 1
    There’s no better fantasy than spreading your arms and gliding across the terrain, even if it were a few feet about the ground. The AirDiv concept vehicle brings to life this simulation by hoisting its ride on top of the vehicle. For obvious reasons this craft can only carry one passenger at a time and treat him or her to an adrenaline-pumping experience. The driver can choose between four driving modes. The basic seating position is the toned down ride. The accelerated one needs the driver to lean forward and closer to the road. The bike mode takes it more extreme with the driver situated face down and their head facing outward. And finally, the diving mode that simulates gliding with the driver outside the cockpit and draped in a wing suit.
    AirDiv concept 2
    The tires have to be changed based on the nature of the terrain. The three tires can be optimized and customized depending on what path they plan to take their vehicle through.
    AirDiv concept 3

    [Via – Yankodesign]

    Nike Cooling Hood simulates water being poured on your head

    Nike, in collaboration with US Olympic Champion Ashton Eaton, have devised a cooling hood for athletes. It manages to retain cool water and offers gradual cooling to the head. This can greatly contribute to quick recovery after between events and maximizing each break. Eaton wanted to achieve the same cooling on his head that he experienced on other parts of his body. Since he uses Nike’s PreCool Vest, he approached Nike’s Sports Research Lab and together they managed to roll out a prototype that simulated the feeling of pouring a bottle of water on the head. The hood covers the face, scalp and neck and resembles an ancient Spartan helmet. The inner layers effectively retain cool water and gradually cool the head.
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    Stockholm to join 200 European cities to ban cars for a day

    Banning cars could mean a number of adjustments and inconveniences in life, but hey, it can also strongly foster the feeling of eco-consciousness. To try out the potency of this remarkably daring move to counter pollution, Stockholm, Sweden, has joined 200 other European cities to ban cars for an entire day this fall. September 19th seems to be the date of choice. The city is well-versed with such efforts and have indulged in such experiments in the past. They banished all traffic for the European Mobility Week. Other major cities participating in the carless day parade are the capitals of Lisbon and Budapest.
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    Cloakwork creates illustrated condom packages

    Malaysian illustrator, Cloakwork, has picked a peculiar subject to showcase his illustration prowess. Condom packaging for Durex has just received an overhaul with some cool illustrated designs that make your condoms look like actual props in an alternate universe. There are monkeys and serpents to pick from. Most of the illustrations hint at the mood that a lover is in, whether it’s naught or a sly, seductive penchant to get things spicy and moving. You could get the monkeys in orange, banana, strawberry and other flavors. The snake hints at suffocation, King Kong represents comfort, the astronaut represents the Featherline range for super-thin touch and the executioner takes care of his clientele by adding small raise ribs that resemble a torture instrument.
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    Biopod ads comfort and better hygiene to portable toilets

    The 1940s saw the dawn of portable toilets that have serviced mankind unfailingly. Cassie Stepanek has however revolutionalized the design of this classic pooper by making it look a lot more 2015. With a study on the user group and application, Cassie developed the Biopod portable toilet that accommodates privacy, cleanliness, space, ventilation and grey water system into the build. In the findings, Stepanek noticed that people do not like touching anything within a toilet or even sitting on the rim. Many folk hover uncomfortably over the toilet seat. The new design structure follows a curve to make hovering less hazardous and even incorporates a female urinal. Also, you do not need to touch anything. A pedal on either side of the door opens the door when pressed.
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