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    Wearable Solar clothes sport solar panels; charge devices on-the-go

    wearable-solar-clothesIt isn’t just technology, cars and homes that are quickly moving towards the greener side of affairs. Fashion too is following suit and leading the way is the Wearable Solar project. The brainchild of entrepreneur Christiaan Holland, experimental designer Pauline van Dongen and solar energy expert Gert Jan Jongerden, Wearable Solar is a range of high-end garments that feature solar panels! These panels soak in solar juice and transforms it all into usable electricity, for wearers to charge their gadgets.
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  • Honda’s energy-efficient home generates more power than it consumes

    honda-zero-carbon-home-1Let’s not deny it, human beings desperately need to look for cleaner and more efficient ways to live, if this planet is to be preserved. Giving us all a pretty new horizon to look forward to, Honda has shown off its model home that literally generates more energy than it consumes! Built on campus at the University of California, the house is packed with all the energy-efficient solutions you can think of and uses solar panels to generate energy, charge an electric vehicle, and feed power back into the grid.
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    NXT-ID unveils the Wocket, a digital wallet that stores soft copies of credit and debit cards

    Having your credit cards and debit cards stolen is a phenomenon big enough to make your heart stop, more than once. So, to make sure your hard-earned dough stays safe in a bank account and is not splurged by a nimble-fingered thief on absolute rubbish, NXT-ID has unveiled the Wocket, a digital and smart wallet that could soon make those leather packs seem old-fashioned. The Wocket is designed to securely store electronic versions of your various cards and sports a swipe-able physical card that’s programmable.
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    Philips unveils Onespace, a one-of-a-kind uniformly illuminated ceiling lighting solution

    philips-onespace-luminous-ceiling-lightingPhilips understands the need for innovative lighting solutions and has come up with a concept that’s far apart from the conventional incandescent and LED lights we’ve grown accustomed to off late. Instead, the electronics giant has unveiled this, a luminous LED panel capable of covering an entire ceiling surface with a homogenous white glow, called the Onespace.
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    Dreamy Camera Café is a South Korean café shaped like a vintage camera

    dreaming-camera-cafe-1Here’s a camera that you simply wouldn’t be able to take a selfie with, unless you’re super-powered that is. Called the Dreamy Camera Café, this structure is actually a building disguised to look like a vintage rolleiflex twin lens camera and houses a café. Located at a South Korean suburb, this two-storey rectangular coffee shop is well detailed and enables visitors to sit near its vast rotund windows and enjoy views of the surrounding landscape!
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    Kagome Sandpit provides Natural Play for Kids in Vienna is designed with Japanese weaving technique

    kagome-sandpit-1A sand pit is a great way to provide your children with a play area while you can monitor and also enjoy hours of activities. Keeping this in mind, the MuseumQuarter in Vienna commissioned PPAG Architects to design a sandpit for children in their inner courtyard. The artists then joined up with Simon Oberhammer and Stefanie Meyer to develop a structure out of living willow branches. Their beautiful sandpit in Museum Quarter is wrapped in greenery called Kagome. This growing structure provides playing area for children, accompanied with natural shading for the parents to monitor the kids. The name Kagome was inspired by a Japanese children’s song and an ancient Japanese weaving technique.
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    Macau welcomes home the state-of-the-art City of Dreams Hotel Tower

    city-of-dreams-1Now that most cities around the world can’t really expand horizontally, thanks to space crunches and population bursts, they’ve begun expanding vertically, with towers and skyscrapers. Joining the ranks of buildings brushing the sky is this spectacular structure designed and currently being constructed by Zaha Hadid Architects in Cotai, Macau. Christened the City of Dreams Hotel Tower, this structure stands 40 floors high with a floor area of 150,000 square meters.
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    The Hemldo bicycle helmet sports cushioned cornrow braids

    cornrow-bike-helmet-1There are quite a few things you can do with a bicycle helmet, including packing it with technology like heart-rate trackers, giving it a custom paintjob or, well, giving it a hairdo of sorts! We came across this bicycle helmet that literally made us take a second glance, thanks to its extreme unusualness. By German studio Bless, the Helmdo helmet is outfitted to look like the popular cornrow hairstyle with lines of braids that are woven from the front to the back of the head!
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    Digital artist shows off re-entry space suit concept for the future

    concept-astronaut-space-suit-1If you’ve watched Sandra Bullock and George Clooney’s Gravity, you probably have figured out that astronauts do have a hard time while making their way back down to earth. Digital artist, dfacto, has come up with a way to make life easier for these space travelers however. The designer has come up with a futuristic re-entry spacesuit that enables astronauts to have a smoother journey from space to earth.
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    Japanese artist Kitagawa Jun “unzips” public spaces in Tokyo, literally!

    zip-art-1There are some pieces of street art that literally make passersby stop dead in their tracks and look on in awe, pieces of art like artist Kitagawa Jun’s latest creation. The artist installed giant zippers across Tokyo, all of which have been carefully and creatively placed for the best impact! These 2D and 3D zips have found a home in public parks, ponds and walls.
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