• Solar kits packed in suitcases save lives in Africa, Asia and South America

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    Electricity isn’t taken for granted the way we urban folks consider it, particularly in far-flung areas where this crucial facility is at times a luxury. According to a recent study, out of 50% patients who died in Congo, 80% died at night, particularly because of the lack of electrical facilities and sufficient light to administer treatment. As a solution to such woes, Cue Dr. Laura Stachel and her nonprofit We Care Solar, has begun distributing solar kits in suitcases to medical facilities across such far flung areas.

    The kit works with kerosene and provides doctors enough light at night to tend to their patients, without the need for a grid connection. Since 2009, nearly 250 of these kits have been distributed for free in Africa, Asia and South America. A simple yet highly practical development, these solar kits are life-savers!


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