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    Gazon is grass in French, but its not linguist eloquence that I want to discuss here. The financial crisis and the war on terror have left me feeling with a sense of instability. Are we as secure as we think we are? I know we will get by all the difficult situations, and we will emerge stronger. As symbolic as this statement, a fresh young blade of grass on the barren lands of our future, offers a great source of fortitude and joy. Gaspard Graulich echoes these sentiments with his concept the Royal Gazon or Royal Grass. A part of the whole, a small portion of grass in your living space, symbolizes the strength and valor of this feisty plant that survives in the harshest of conditions, and re-grows with determination.

    As Gaspard puts it, “The concept of “Royal-Gazon” is to show grass at a smaller scale and take it out of its context. Then it can feel us with wonder. Thanks to the pliers, it becomes a vegetal companion who add value to objects and give a personal, warm, and living touch to our closing environment.”
    Thanks Gaspard

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