• Quick Smart Back Pack Stroller, foldable and easily portable stroller

  • Kids love spending time in strollers, and it’s pretty obvious why, given that this in the only practical transport they’ve got to explore the world outside, powered by a push from mommy. Travelling with a stroller however gets painful at times, given that these can be a bit too bulky to lug around everywhere. The Quick Smart Back Pack Stroller however solves all your stroller woes, allowing you to quickly fold it up and turn it into a backpack that you can sling on your back! Designed by Funtastic Ltd, this stroller weighs just about 3.9kgs and is made from aluminum alloy and durable plastic.

    A pretty clever way to get your kids mode of transport across continents, this one can be carried on airplanes too, allowing your kid to enjoy his stroller time while vacationing far away from home.


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    •  Most of the weight is therefore taken off the shoulders, reducing the
      chance of injury from shoulder strap pressure (many backpacks equipped
      solely with shoulder straps can affect the posture of a person carrying
      more than 14 kg (30 lbs)), as well as being less restrictive of the
      upper body range of motion. Most backpacks are capable of being closed
      with either a buckle mechanism, a zipper, or a dry-bag type closure though a few models use a drawstring fitted with a cord lock for the main compartment.

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