• Glam dots on the face highlight glowing features

  • glam_dots_1.jpg
    Designlaunches is platform that not only appreciates concept design, it a place where the quirky blueprints get their due and are lauded as well. The fashion Solomon Chase along with visual artist David Toro has designed a line facial dots aka Bindi in some parts of the world. Their concept is quite idiosyncratic as one sees glowing dots perpetuating an eerie radiance. The various styles showcased here reflect the creative energy that the duo have harnessed and are worth sustaining. For those who don’t know, the bindi or the dot on the forehead is a sacred concept for the Indians. It not only is a constant reminded of the latent Third Eye of the lord, but also a symbol of belief.


    Topics: Lifestyle Tags: on August 25, 2008