• Feetstickers – skin-like protection for feet

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    Do you remember the age old days when our ancestors had to hunt for food, travel, climb mountains, run away from danger and do their daily chores on bare feet? You know, the days before giant foot wear companies mushroomed and made consumers weak in their knees with stunning, protective soles for our feet? This new design gives way to thinking how life would have been, although with a little bit of a saving grace. One of Nike EMEA’s Independent Graduation projects, called Footstickers is quite interesting.

    The team that designed this found out that bare feet ‘sporting’ has many advantages such as better motion control, direct floor contact, more feelings on the feet, etc. With this idea in mind, three unique designs were formed, one each for yoga, cardio and dancing. It is made of a very flexible material, like a ‘second skin’ and gives more grip, support and protection. The idea is good for soft sports but quite honestly, it seems quite surreal.

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