• A sleep in the Clouds… literally

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    When you have had a day of hell with more work than you can imagine thanks to incompetitive and irresponsible individuals you are forced to call colleagues or even bosses or even situations where you are pulling out your hair trying to manage a couple of brats that make you wonder on how it came to be called your children and so on and so forth… you wish to float in the sky away from these problems and relax. Koo Touch has come up with one such concept that you will start marking your calendar for from now on. It is called the Cloud. It is a sofa set that is suspended in the air. Not with strings, but due to the strong magnetic base it will feature. Just like a floating cloud. I am sure this was the outcome of immense stress and depression. What a noble idea.

    Topics: Lifestyle Tags: on April 15, 2009

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