• WiFi-sharing service Fon, steps on the U.S. shore

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    Even Penny can’t resist piggybacking on Leonard and Sheldon’s WiFi network, for the obvious fact that free internet is like free cupcakes these days. Spain-based Wi-Fi sharing service Fon, is taking its first steps in the United States, with hopes to have wireless signal sharing grow in the country. However, this service will come cheap, if not absolutely free. Fon foresees a future where folks with internet connections at home will create city-wide WiFi networks on which everyone can piggyback!

    Here’s how it works. Fon will distribute hockey puck-sized routers that will create a wireless hotspot. This, obviously, will only be available to users registered on the network. Once a user has registered, he/she can connect to the internet via just about any Fon wireless router in the vicinity! “This is a grassroots Wi-Fi network that’s basically built by the people, for the people,” says Nina Sodhi, CEO of Fon U.S. “Our vision is to satisfy Wi-Fi access for all.” We think the idea is a sure win. Let’s hope it works in the U.S., just as well as it did in Spain.

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