• Times have changed for watch designs, the Konect USB watch does a lot more than tell the time

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    Keeping time is the essential function of a watch. Some of them do step out of the usual cliché’s and do a lot more though! Take the Konect USB watch for example. This one looks great and hot enough to make just about any gadget-freak go wide eyed and jaw-dropped. The blue radial area you probably might have noticed that’s reminiscent of the Tron: Legacy bike’s wheels is the watch, while the slip-out USB flash drive neatly tucks in beside it. That’s not all. Certainly not all! The watch can stream audio live or communicate via Skype when loaded to the USB flash and boasts voice record ability.

    We’re pretty sure gadget-freak spy James Bond might just chuck his classy time-piece for a watch like this!

    Topics: Gadgets Tags: on March 14, 2011

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