• This isn’t a toaster it’s Muyi MMD!

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    Muyi is a multimedia device that seems to be the passion of designer Huang po-cheng. How far will this concept be functional in the future, I don’t know, but it’s heck of an imagination he’s got there. Getting down to the details, the Muyi or Multimedia System Digitally Your Life, is a portable system that includes a DVD burner and takes in inputs from TV, Internet and Radio. Basically it’s designed to be the first thing you view besides your cup of java. You can listen to the radio, or watch digital pictures from the Internet loaded straight via an Ethernet port or wirelessly. It’s even got Bluetooth in it and is controlled via this slick IR Remote control.

    Talking about the remote of the Muyi, it’s a sleek device that hosts a touch screen. It features icons that guide you through the functions of the main device. You can burn DVDs, switch on the calendar, browse your files and pictures or simply listen to some music, using this handy tool. The concept is not a bad idea, in fact it’s a plausible deal but the only thing remaining to be seen… will it make it to the shelf?

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