• The Fujitsu New Generation Cane makes walking easier for the aged!

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    Technology today has advanced to a level where it can help human beings at the simplest level, e.g. helping the aged walk! Recently Fujitsu unveiled the New Generation Cane, a revolutionary development aimed to make the lives of the aged and physically challenged simpler. This concept is a super-connected walking stick that uses GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to help users stay connected constantly while on the go.

    The cane is capable of guiding a user around and sports a display that features green arrows, pointing the way ahead. Also, this one records data and keeps guardians informed about a user’s moves. And that’s not all! This intelligent can also displays a user’s heart-rate, making it the perfect device for the aged and mobility impaired folks.



    Topics: Gadgets Tags: on March 5, 2013
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