• Solar Prometeo stores power and juices devices

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    Non-renewable resources like coal and fossil fuels are depleting at a very fast rate. So far the only source not fully exploited, and funnily enough it’s free, is the solar power. However, resolving this aspect, a group of designers participating in the Samsung Young Design contest has developed the Solar Prometeo. This is a very intelligent device that can be worn on the body of a person. It features photovoltaic cells on the face of the gadget that trap the solar energy and store it for later use. Via the two USB connections, you can hook up your gadgets and recharge them. The hub also has an indicating lamp that tells you when all the power has been drained. You can then strap it on your arm or wear it around your neck like a fancy piece of jewelry to trap all that solar energy again.

    The Prometeo is a durable device that does not get affected by rain or accidental falls.

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