• Next generation robotic hand to help dispose bombs

  • Human beings keep researching so that their lives are as safe and as comfortable as possible. Sandia National Laboratories have developed something so impressive; it has the capacity to save innumerable lives. The Sandia Hand is a robotic hand that is realistic enough to carry out each and every function of the normal human hand. Controlled by a special glove, this hand replicates exact human hand movements with a gel-like layer on top; the hand is even able to grip like a person.

    The hand can even repair itself. If one of the finger falls off, the hand with its 12 degrees of freedom can simply pick it up and place it right back. With $10,000 to build a single unit, it doesn’t seem that expensive when you could credibly reduce the risk of one’s life. It doesn’t even end there. Normally, bombs are blown, but with the Sandia Hand, you could actually diffuse it and then find evidence that can help nail the culprits! Isn’t that a good hand of justice after all?


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