• Neurocam uses iPhone’s camera to automatically record things that interest you

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    Memories are great, but they’re barely as visual as a video, right? Well, your brain could soon record videos of stuff that interests you as you go about your day to day routine, thanks to this fantastic new concept called the Neurocam Wearable Camera. The concept uses a brain-wave sensor and connects to an iPhone. After recognizing your interests, the system automatically estimates if you’re interesting in a certain something, using the brain-waves captured from the Neurocam’s sensor.

    The system then uses the iPhone’s camera to record scenes that will interest you, enabling you to view it all later! Obviously, users will need to keep their iPhones out in the open, to enable the camera to record stuff. The Neurocam comes with a headband with space to place your iPhone, on your head. Not much of a fashion accessory if you’d ask us, this concept also seems to walk over people’s privacy!

    [Via – Mashable]

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