• Mefisto portable heater boils water in a cup

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    We never thought the good old kettle would go obsolete, until now. While looking for a perfect way to heat a cupful of water recently, we came across this fantastic concept called the Mefisto. Unlike every kettle you’d come across though, the Mefisto literally enables users to boil water right inside a cup! No longer do you need to fill up a kettle and wait for it to boil. Simply place the Mefisto inside a mugful of water and the contraption does the rest! Shaped like a tripod, two legs contain heating elements that require to be placed inside mugs of water.

    Each of the heating legs contains a heating coil wire and a fluid level sensor. The third leg contains a high-efficiency battery and a charging port. The Mefisto concept was designed for Electrolux and is a portable way to heated water.



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    • David_Evans

      By my arithmetic those batteries are capable of bringing about 2 oz of water to a boil and would probably take over half an hour to do so. Not practical.

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