• Magic Carpet will assist children with leg disabilities to move independently

  • Developers at the Polytechnic University have developed a movable platform that will help children with leg disabilities to move independently. After the children have been taught movements by an occupational therapist or physical therapist, the device will help them to move around themselves in future by using an electric wheelchair. The platform is extremely movement friendly. It comes with wheels on both sides, and has four ball casters at the front and rear that enables The Magic Carpet to move front and back, to the left and right, and even lets make a 360 degree turn on the spot.

    With a maximum load bearing capacity of 90kgs, The Magic Carpet can accommodate a child, a parent, and even a stroller. The carpet comes loaded with 5 changeable speeds right from 0.25 mph up to 2.5 mph and with a full charge, the carpet can go up to 2.5 miles. Keeping safety concerns in mind, Polytechnic University is working with Koya System Design to utilize line-tracing technology in the future to allow the device to move freely within a prescribed area, and to conduct R&D on training software that will allow it to move along a predetermined line.

    Although the carpet is being developed at a cost of $6,250 that making it difficult to commercialize, developers are looking at cost effective ways to find alternative solutions.


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