• Life Rescue concept life buoy deploys on hitting the water surface

  • When a person faces the wrath of drowning, one of the least possible ways to save the individual is throwing him/her a life buoy. This however doesn’t always work in the favor of the rescue and the saver due to physical limitations, the water current and the like. Designer Siew Ming Cheng has lately come up with an innovative design for a life buoy that wipes out these limitations, making them more fruitful to water rescue. Called the Life Rescue, this concept simply includes a lightweight life buoy that can be thrown to farther that automatically deploys and inflates one touching the water surface. This concept can be put into action by inexperienced passersby looking to lend a helping hand too, and is indeed a design we’d love to see turn real soon.

    Life Rescue from Siew Ming Cheng on Vimeo.


    Topics: Gadgets Tags: on June 26, 2012
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