• Hyginex system helps improve hygiene standards in hospital with technology

  • Picking up infections in hospitals remains a cause of concern even today, causing havoc in healthcare scenarios and leaving many hospital-visitors with ailments unforeseen. Annually, around 900,000 deaths are caused due to diseases contracted in hospitals, most of which are preventable with simple hygiene. Keeping that in mind, Israeli company Hyginex has come up with this wireless hand-hygiene-monitoring system that uses a cloud-based network of smart wristbands and faucets, soap and sanitizer dispensers packing sensors. The wristband connected to the network sends out mild vibrations reminding you to wash your hands every time you’re in contact with a patient and also monitors just how well you wash your hands! The data collected from the system as a whole can then be used centrally for analysis, explaining the contraction of diseases in hospitals and helping nip these in the bud.


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