• ECLIPS system makes sure you never lose your coat in a clock room!

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    Do you plan to wear your favorite jacket to the New Year ball this tonight? Have you been concerned about losing your prized piece of clothing in all the revelry? Well, this tiny piece of technology will keep you informed about the whereabouts of your blazer! Called the ECLIPS system, device is simply an electronic tagging system that makes coats, blazers, jackets and the like, easier to find in cloak rooms. Instead of paper receipts to be exchanged in return for your clothing, the system uses invisible ink, required to be stamped on the arm of a user.

    The coat checker then uses a ultra-violet lamp to read the invisible ink before retrieving the stored clothing. A tiny device attached to the sleeve of the clothing item also blinks bright enough to catch the attention of the coat checker, making it easier to find. This fabulously simple yet extremely practical system was developed by Cooper Union student Alyssa Davis.

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