• Your dog can now do your laundry, with the Woof to Wash concept

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    Ever wished your dog could do your laundry? Well, now he can! UK laundry company JTM Service joined hands with Miele to create the Woof to Wash concept, the first “dog-operated” washing machine that uses voice-activated controls! The washing machine’s height has been carefully modified to suit a dog and a foot pad on the machine’s front unlocks its door. The door handle of the machine doubles up as a chewy toy, encouraging dogs to use their teeth to open the machine’s door.

    The machine automatically adds detergent and all your dog needs to do is place his paw on the foot pad, unlock and open the door, load in the laundry and shut the door. The machine has been specially designed for people with disabilities who use service dogs.

    [Via – Psfk]

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