• Bedtime stories combined with futuristic augmented reality technology developed

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    Let’s face it; story time has always been an integral part of going to bed in those good old days when homework was all that ever worried us. In the near future, bed time stories could soon turn into a magical wonderland of imagination, more than just pictures and words have ever been before! Netherlands-based startup TexTales has given bedtime stories a technological overhaul, integrating futuristic gizmos with children’s bed time stories. Using augmented reality, the firm has managed to display 3D characters from fairy tales on bed linen!

    The system works via a tablet or a phone application that scans a durable bed linen to display 3D characters. This is a mile away from the pop-out books we’ve grown up with and will enable kids to enjoy fairy tales soaked with augmented reality, just before a good night’s sleep!


    [Via – Designtaxi]

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