• Airsonett Protexo helps asthma sufferers breathe easy

  • People suffering from asthma do have a hard time coping with changing environments around them and this amazing medical breakthrough helps make them breathe easier. Called the Airsonett Protexo, the system removes allergen particles from the air and also uses a technology called TLA (temperature controlled laminar airflow) that helps create a downward flowing filtered “air zone”. Users sleeping below are protected from allergens in the bargain. The system has been tried and tested and has helped severe asthma patients quite successfully, making it a medical wonder of our times.


    Topics: Gadgets Tags: on November 29, 2011
    • I’ve been hearing a lot about this and I must say I’m excited to see it for myself.  Until it becomes commercially available, and probably even after it is, we’ve been taking precautions to clean the air itself.  See, what this device does is prevent allergens and air borne pollutants from entering the flow radius, which is exactly what we need to sleep well at night.  But, if the air quality is improved, then this device will either work better or not even be necessary.  We’ve started using an indoor air quality management company called Decon Pro Green, you can google them to find out more information.  Since they first came in there’s been a huge difference in our living condition.

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