• The coffee table that plays music, the Acoustable

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    The coffee table is the one piece of furniture in our homes that we can work on, dine on, rest our feet on, sip coffee on, and scatter all your magazines and newspapers on. Well, coffee tables now do a lot more than just all that. Some of them play music too! By Andrew Liszewski, the Acoustable features a built-in sound system too, turning your average coffee table into a home stereo of sorts. The Acoustable uses a unique polymer and mineral blend and is water and fire resistant. The blackened membrane that lets out the sound looks more part of the design, making sure the table’s aesthetics are left unscarred.

    No news on the exact price as of now, though we’re predicting this one might just leave your pulling out lint from your wallets. A sound design though.

    Topics: Furniture Tags: on February 1, 2011

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