• The next generation interactive Table Tennis Table Waldner

  • You can despise Apple products but the applications of the technology are unimaginable! We saw the waterproof iPod Nano watch. The Waldner similarly uses Apple’s technology to create a very unique and innovative Ping-Pong table. The table, which features advanced computer system integration, has a touch sensitive surface display screen covered with soft acrylic that gives it a correct smooth, low-friction coating.

    Under the 2.74 m long, 1.52 m wide, 76 cm high and 5 cm thick surface lays a Mac Pro with 2.4 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon E5620 “Westmere” processors and an ATI Radeon HD 5870 graphic cards, a Wi-Fi connection and 12 Bose micro speakers and the Siri voice recognition system that interacts with you. What do you do with all this technology? Well to be straight up, this table sees, hears, and understand what you are playing. The table can build up complex algorithms to work with the Ping-Pong players to even guide them with every ball play.

    The table stores every bounce of the ball, and constructs detailed reports of games. These reports can be replicated in real time 3D on an iPad or iPhone. The applications of this table are enormous. Beginners can use it to understand basic playing techniques, and professional level players can study patterns, of themselves and even their opponents!

    If the designer wants to take this concept to the next level, it could be something like using the pattern of the game play and then replicating in 3D using holography all way around the world for audiences to enjoy a realistic live game!


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