• First class experience in the economy cabin with the AirGo seats

  • Although air travel costs have reduced tremendously in recent years, the First Class costs for a ticket are still right up there. This means that the fastest mode of travel is also one of the most uncomfortable one if you are in the economy section. A student designer has a solution for that. With the AirGo seats, that are low-cost and extremely ergonomic, you can enjoy comfort of the first class, while still seated in your economy seats. This unique design creates more space that lets you sleep, read, or even relax in front of the screen.

    Made from a strong, breathable nylon mesh that offers great back support and also prevents sweating, you can enjoy all the features this seat has to offer like an individual overhead storage compartment for your carry-on bag as well as an adjustable footrest in your seat. The student’s design is one of the entries for the James Dyson Award: an international competition that encourages students to invent something that solves a problem and considering the gravity of the problem that it is solving, could well be on its way to becoming a reality.


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