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    • Arthur Kenzo

      Thank you to have published that article on your website.
      Just to remind you I made that project with François Dmd http://www.francoisdmd.com
      Could you please add his name on the article?

      Thank you

    • Nicolas Ray

      Just stumbled across your Design website and was delighted to view all the new products. Have to spend more time invesitgating. Nikashi Designs is always looking for new and exciting products to promote. In particular was interested in your MP3 Player. Please consider adding me to your mailing list. Thank You http://nikashi.com

    • Dervfamily

      how can you order the dinosaur attachment for the bed. I didn’t see any price listings or bed sizes. If you could email me and let me know. 

    • Wdandelion67

      How can you order the dandelion touch light?

    • Greg

      More info on the Braille embossing labler
      [email protected]

    • acer

      how can i buy the addiction watch and the cost thanks

    • christian

      how do we order the smartbag for kids?

    • TeriFreddyBear

      I have a 20 year old son who has osteo necrosis. The Mobilelegs crutches look more comfortable than “regular” crutches. Where can I get more information about these and how would I go about ordering them?

      • You mean these – http://www.designlaunches.com/lifestyle/jeff_weber_creates_new_ergonomic_crutches.php

    • Peppie1313

      How can one get hold of these sports zip earbuds

    • Tribalroute

      awesome site! very fresh!

      Nihar Mehta

      (Head Frog / Owner / Chief Creative Officer)

      Tribal Route

      A Handcrafted Store-Y

      Cottage Number 18 Aram Nagar 2,

      J.P. Road, Versova, Andheri (W) Bombay India

      +91 99670 58848


    • Jaspreet

      add rss feeds for latest gadgets updation

    • Busaccagallery

      A must see!! “Cabinet of Curiosity Gallery! Exhibiting a madcap array of intricate skulls, inlaid boxes, paintings, carved wood animals, bone figures, and much more in a very dynamic art gallery! Mixing everything from tribal art and Old Master paintings and antiquities to modern and contemporary art, photography, and design, the gallery is a virtual delight for new as well as targeted art connoisseurs and collectors. The gallery has jaw-dropping displays of objects from all cultures. the gallery turns the diverse inventory into a poetic mix, where one thing links to the next. http://www.BusaccaGallery.com


    • refitting

    • hello .I want to know how can I buy Flamingo . I live in Iran .do Flamingo have any shop in Iran?  how can I buy one of this ?  

    • S.K.Rajpal

      Hell, I want to buy aconvertible  bunker bed in India, New Delhi, can you code the price for one peice along with any transportation charges. My mail id :[email protected]  

    • S.K.Rajpal

      Hello, Please provide me the price along with all charges like transportation, taxes etc. of egg shape dining table. I am the resident of India, New Delhi.

    • vineet chopra


      PLEASE CALL ME ON MY MOBILE NO 0091-9994999005



    • Cindy

      I am interested in the T-Rex Bed cover. When an I purchase one. I have looked all over the internet and cannot find anything like it.

    • Gloria Urban

      I am interested in purchasing David Turpin’s calculator. It is offered in lime green, orange, white plus several wood/resin combinations. The decimal is inlarged compared to the other numbers and highlighted in red. Where can I purchase? 805.220.8554

    • Dale Smith

      Shame on you. Rudolph Schindler came up with the Sheetseat idea a long time ago. You should at least give him credit for the inspiration.

    • Jothish

      Loved your collection!!.. Am very much interested in the EGG SHAPED DINING TABLE… Can you please get back on the price.. My mail id – [email protected].

    • Devin Eiz

      Just launched PocketBands on Kickstarter – was looking for some feedback!


    • where can one order e board for ironigg

    • nona

      How do I order things ? or even see the prices for different items ?very confusing site

    • Carico

      how to you order a desk what is your number for that. im interested in http://www.designlaunches.com/furniture/the-paragon-gaming-desk-is-a-gamer%E2%80%99s-dream-come-true.php

    • Joseph Von Zipper

      Hey My name is Joseph,I tattoo for a living…I am sober for the last 20 yrs.Before that I lived on the streets with no shelter..I have sent my idea for “homeless”people but the companies I have sent my ideas to for a single or double sleeping room that would put a roof over thier head at night and days that its bad weather out dont get a response back…Who can I be in touch to spring this wonderful idea on so maybe the “homeless”people across America might have some sort of dignity while living on the streets??????Thank you for your time…Maybe someone reading this will be able to help…..

    • rajendra chand thakur

      i have seen three wheel trolley bags used as school kid bags who have to climb stairs.mounty travellers trolley bag has caught my fancy.is it being marketed or still a design concept yet to take shape.where can i find this?

    • Alexey

      Dear Sirs!
      I am a representative of
      Russian footwear company. We are producing rubber footwear for
      man/women/kids. Also we produce special footwear for workers, fishermen,

      Several daus ago I found your project of Polyurethane boot for
      Bata company in internet. I think it is one of the best designs for last
      So what can you say? What questions should be asked and what answers from me do you need to realize if we can have cooperation?

      Looking forward to your soonest reply,
      Best regards, Alexey Sorokin

    • Marsha

      Hi, how can I order a Torel broom and dustpan? I would love to have one of these! Thank you!

    • Volko Design

      To follow updates on the Paragon Gaming Desk go here: https://www.facebook.com/volkodesign There is a Kickstarter campaign in the works to put it into production!

    • Avelina

      Where can I buy the mirror ironing board? I live in the the U.S.

    • Mc

      I’d like to buy a Casa Bubble. Where and how to buy? Need shipping to Italy.

    • Dexter Voisin

      where and how can I purchase the ligo stapler?

    • Sana Saeed

      How can I buy the RD table/Desk? And how much does it cost? Please let me know asap! my email address is [email protected]

    • kim cullen

      love the rolli polli kids chairs need to buy one .what is the price

    • ferd williams

      I would like to know where I could get one of your crutches the flamingo one I am a disabled man and this crutch looks comfortable to walk with my email is [email protected]. I live in the uk I look forward to hearing from you!!!

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