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    Now rest your tired legs everywhere you go with the inflatable Emergency Bench

    We’ve all faced those terribly depressing times when the space around us is devoid of sufficient seating facilities to rest our tired legs and backs. Designer Jamie Wolfond came up with the answer for such instances, an inflatable bench that … Continue reading

  • Human bean! The Zmogai bean bag is shaped like a person!

    By now, we all know what a bean bag is. A perfect piece of furniture to slump on and spend a lazy day, coiled up with a book and a hot cup of coffee, bean bags do what simple straight-back … Continue reading

    Eco Cycle, Japan’s automated underground bicycle storage system

    The Japanese don’t cringe at shortages of space. Instead, these folks use their time to devise ways to use smaller areas to serve bigger purposes, like this underground bicycle parking system that has caught the attention of the world. One … Continue reading

    W/Me wristband recognizes your mood; helps calm you down!

    Tired? Frustrated? Or simply annoyed at the world going nuts around you? Well, here’s a little device designed to calm you down, without having to inject alcohol or nicotine into your bloodstream! Called the W/Me wristband, this concept was designed … Continue reading

    The Longboard Stroller, a perfect way to skate with your baby in tow!

    There are a few things in life that one simply cannot give up. One of these is skateboarding. If you’re looking for a way to continue riding your board even after a bunch of responsibilities have been loaded onto you, … Continue reading

    The Barbie Dreamhouse Experience replicates Barbie’s Malibu-styled dollhouse

    As a child, particularly if you’re female, you probably might have spent a considerable amount of time with your Barbie dolls, right? Well, here’s a life-sized version of the iconic toy’s abode that you can literally step into and experience … Continue reading

    Termite-like robots could create breathable homes in the future

    There simply is no denying the fact that the future holds a bunch of surprises that will change the way we live and thrive in the environment around us. One of the biggest combinations of technology and nature in the … Continue reading

    Covering Your Shopping Needs Online

    One of the most unexpected technological advances of the modern internet is the rise of online shopping. Up until recently, shopping was seen as an event, often requiring advanced planning, which saw the family head to the local department or … Continue reading

    The Tessel Jet Pack Backpack, inspired by the world of aviation!

    We’ve all had dreams of soaring through the heavens above. Well, even with the development of technology, personal flying isn’t possible, yet. Recently, we came across a backpack that doesn’t really make you fly, but is indeed inspired by the … Continue reading

    Anti-child-abuse outdoor advertisement sports a secret message for children!

    If you’re under the impression that you’ve seen some of the best outdoor advertising in your town, think again! Recently, we spotted this extremely innovative social message aimed at children and adults alike, an outdoor installation by a Spanish organization … Continue reading

    Icon, the five ton art installation made out of a Concorde’s nose!

    One of the most iconic parts of the Concorde supersonic passenger aircraft was its nose. The pointy nose of the plane, whose services are now put to rest, was designed specifically to lend a hand in advanced aerodynamics for a … Continue reading

    Understanding Cloud And Its Features

    For the past few years the IT industry was getting all excited and energized about Cloud. Big IT companies and consultancies are throwing in huge chunks of money worth in billions of dollars, pounds and yen all of them getting … Continue reading

    Clever billboard tells the weather in real time!

    We’ve come across some pretty innovative billboards earlier. Recently, one cheeky designer came up with this innovative, clever and tongue-in-cheek billboard for MetService. This billboard is capable of showing weather conditions in real-time. How? Well, it’s pretty simple! The billboard … Continue reading

    LED lights transmit data at speeds of 3 gigabits!

    Gone are the days of the traditional bulbs that lit up our living spaces. The world is now relying heavily on the use of more energy-efficient lighting solutions, or simply put, the revolutionary LED. But lighting up spaces isn’t all … Continue reading

    The Lizard Umbrella keeps thieves away by “shedding” its handle

    There are a bunch of day-to-day items that are usually subjected to the wrath of thieves. One of these is the jolly good umbrella, particularly during the monsoon season, when some individuals decide to walk out of their homes without … Continue reading

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