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    Airport security checks to now turn into a quicker affair, with bomb-sensing lasers!

    Soon, airport security won’t be half as tedious as it currently is. Future technology will make these security checks faster and a lot more fool proof too, thanks to lasers! Scientists at Michigan State University have come up with a … Continue reading

  • Skateable Sculpture, a work of art on which you can skate!

    We love interactive sculptures. Moreover, we love sculptures that develop as play areas! One such work of art we’ve spotted is the Skateable Sculpture by Rich Holland. Part of an exhibit Aalto at a show called ‘At First We Take … Continue reading

    Vandalijst, a concept picture frame that encourages you to doodle on it

    We’ve all indulged in a bit of vandalism from time to time, be it school text books, library books, magazines, or for the few bolder ones, outdoor advertisements. Well, you now have a chance in your favorite pass-time without being … Continue reading

    Smart sock and smartphone application help monitor infants remotely

    Infants need to be well-monitored to ensure their well-being and a healthy upbringing. Parenting just got easier, with this brilliant new touch of technology given to socks. Designed and developed by Owlet Baby Care, these smart socks allow parents to … Continue reading

    The Elevated Bathtub lifts off the ground to help disabled users get in and out!

    People with mobility restrictions have loads of troubles doing everyday stuff. One of these tedious tasks for the disabled is getting inside and outside a bathtub. Designed by Zhang Jiangpeng and Zou Tao, the Elevated Bathtub is an answer to … Continue reading

    Award-winning plaster tests blood and recognizes blood types!

    Not everybody’s comfortable with visiting a blood bank to draw a little blood to understand one’s own blood-type. There are fairly a few people around the world who still are ignorant about the type of blood that’s pumping through their … Continue reading

    Creative Ways to Get Your Business Started

    If you’ve had a great idea for a business but never knew how to get going online, you’re in luck. Building an online business has never been easier, thanks to great tools that can smooth the path for you. Two … Continue reading

    HoloVision brings hologram technology to your living room

    We all know what holograms are, or at least, the ones who do watch their fair share of sci-fi flicks know this technology. One of the few ‘futuristic’ technologies that have actually been developed and brought into the real world, … Continue reading

    Margot Krasojevic develops a 5 Star hotel that attaches to a plane

    Not a lot of us are privileged enough to fly first class, or live in 5 Star hotels. Well, there are a few lucky people who do these sorts of things quite often and we’ve come across a concept recently … Continue reading

    The Mouse Trap home in Paraguay keeps thieves and vandals at bay

    Ever wondered how it feels like to be a mouse trapped inside a mouse-trap? Step inside this home that derives its influences from the box-and-stick mouse trap. Designed by Laboratoriode Arquitectura, the house isn’t very large and isn’t as claustrophobic … Continue reading

    Rhino Skin backpack doubles up as a bullet-proof vest

    There are places around the world where normal day-to-day life is mixed up with civil tension and military action. At times like these, protecting oneself from the onslaught of bullets while stepping outside is obviously crucial and designer Hila Raam … Continue reading

    Inflatube temporary homes are inflatable and easy to deploy

    A lot of us love the outdoors and we do free up our lives from time to time to live closer to nature, away from the urban jungle we call home. Instead of packing the conventional tent however, future outdoorsy … Continue reading

    Echo-free room enables visitors to listen to their own heartbeats

    There are wonders of architecture that have pretty much left us astounded before. None of these have really matched up what we’ve come across recently, a room at the Technical University of Denmark that’s literally echo-free! Called an anechoic chamber, … Continue reading

    IKEA develops flat-pack polymer refugee shelters with solar panels

    When it comes to designing practical furniture for modern homes, IKEA knows best. The furniture retail giant has recently extended this knowledge in design to building deployable homes that can work as refugee shelters in disaster struck areas and relief … Continue reading

    Clothing that reacts to the wearers emotions developed for introverts

    We’ve seen some pretty astounding pieces of clothing in our lifetime and then again, we’ve spotted some we simply wouldn’t want to be caught unawares in. Designer Lilian Hipolyte Mushi’s recent development however has left us somewhat amused. Designed for … Continue reading

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