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    Swell collection for talenti by Karim Rashid

    Karim Rashid has designed the ‘swell’ collection of furniture for Talenti, the Italian furniture company. It is made of iron rods and painted in white just like how they used to do in the olden days. It definitely brings a … Continue reading

  • Intelligent clock quickly compensates chronological corrections

    This intelligent clock is a masterpiece from the designer Denis Guidone. The Ora ilLegale clock has no numbers and is missing a significant portion of its base making it the easiest clock to adjust to changes in daylight savings. Well … Continue reading

    A sleep in the Clouds… literally

    When you have had a day of hell with more work than you can imagine thanks to incompetitive and irresponsible individuals you are forced to call colleagues or even bosses or even situations where you are pulling out your hair … Continue reading

    ‘Daniel Loves Objects’… especially lamps

    Here’s an odd looking lamp. It is designed by Singapore-based designer Daniel Loves who calls this his ‘Daniel Loves Objects’ brand. This lamp is such a concept that it can animate. As in it can move in different styles and … Continue reading

    Funky aluminum Beer Carrier

    This is a funky beer carrier. It looks useful and also possible. The beer holder contains water and can be put into the freezer. Once the water freezes, you can put it back into the aluminum base and then keep … Continue reading

    Collapsible stretcher concept

    This is the collapsible stretcher. What you can do is fold it and carry it along with you just in case of an emergency. You can carry it as a back pack and at times of emergency, remove it, open … Continue reading

    YGOLF kit by Inesis for the funky golf player

    Golf needn’t necessarily be a serious game, splash some color on it, and it comes to life for anyone to enjoy. That’s probably what the guys at Inesis thought when they came up with this ‘bright’ idea – YGOLF kit. … Continue reading

    Karl Lagerfield’s Chanel Perspex briefcase for the working women

    Paris has some amazing fashion ideas and some a little too strange too. Karl Lagerfeld in Paris has come up with a ‘poised, elegant and mostly black’ concept of what you can call – a working lady’s briefcase! This is … Continue reading

    The Mirror Collection by Li Jianye

    There is not much details required for this design, but I must confess that I’m a bit stumped by the simplistic though flow that bought out this creation. Cup on cup, mirrored to perfection! Drinking coffee will never be the … Continue reading

    Freeride backpack challenges all the vertical limits

    I don’t ski, and I don’t take great pictures, but that doesn’t stop me from getting tempted by this awesome backpack designed by Hans Christian Berge. The Vertical Freeride backpack looks at keeping your photography equipment safe, why you ski … Continue reading

    Werm, The Rain Gutter Cleaner

    It’s a man’s job and it’s a dirty one…cleaning the rain gutter. Unless you’re Greg Focker (Ben Stiller, Meet The Parents) who believes in setting the drain on fire, the Werm should be the option you take. Designed by Rob … Continue reading

    Tweety and me on a the same bench

    Here is a really sweet concept by designer Paul Sandip. We had a great time interviewing him, and this Bird Nest concept is the perfect way to ring in this year for us. The design is basically a bench for … Continue reading

    Gun Cup 007 encourages peace over a cup of tea

    I would have much preferred coffee, but Tao Ma insists that we resolve our differences over a cup of tea! An oxymoron, Gun Cup 007 propagates peace and harmony with an overbearing design. The gun shaped cup with bullet tea … Continue reading

    Bitten by the Bug Light

    Creepy crawlies restricted to the jungles or zoos are adorable, but a spider in my den is a freaky idea. Bringing the cuteness factor to Little Miss Muffets’ bane is the Bug Light. Bendable legs, a button on the body … Continue reading

    Tetrish dishes out the game in a yummy way

    Seungyoub Oh and I have one thing in common we both are bad losers when it comes to Tetris. The story goes this ways, Oh considered himself to be a King at the game till one Christmas his cousin waltzed … Continue reading

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