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    The carbon and glass fiber pavilion made by robots!

    Robots might not be taking over the world anytime soon, but these machines sure as hell are turning into architectural geniuses! Recently, we had the pleasure of viewing this robot-built pavilion, sculpted ground-up from carbon and glass fiber. The Institute … Continue reading

  • IKEA to unveil new economy hotel brand, Moxy

    IKEA has gone a step ahead and the company’s real estate branch, Inter Hospitality, recently joined hands with Marriott International Inc. to provide affordable accommodation options for tourists visiting Europe. A new hotel brand called Moxy will be unveiled by … Continue reading

    Solar kits packed in suitcases save lives in Africa, Asia and South America

    Electricity isn’t taken for granted the way we urban folks consider it, particularly in far-flung areas where this crucial facility is at times a luxury. According to a recent study, out of 50% patients who died in Congo, 80% died … Continue reading

    The Lizard Umbrella keeps thieves away

    Umbrellas are one of the most commonly stolen objects, particularly during the wet months when a few individuals leave their own umbrellas back home and resort to picking out someone else’s . addressing the issue of umbrella thefts, designers Kim … Continue reading

    Parapak, a backpack for wheelchairs

    The disabled and those who find it difficult to get around on a daily basis due to mobility-affecting illnesses have their fair share of trouble carrying stuff around on the go. Addressing their difficulties, designer Candice Lin came up with … Continue reading

    Pen grip makes writing easier for Dyspraxia patients.

    Today, nearly 10% of the population suffers from Motor Dyspraxia. The disorder results in difficulty in maneuvering body parts, particularly the limbs, making it difficult to perform certain tasks like writing. Recently a bunch of designers came up with this … Continue reading

    Now, feed your fish with your smartphone!

    An aquarium at home is never an eye-sore and one of these sure brightens up your living space, adding a touch of aesthetic beauty to your home. Looking at fish swimming about is a pleasing sight too; however things do … Continue reading

    Self-cleaning fish aquarium doubles up as a place to grow plants

    Having an aquarium at home and watching your goldfish swim around lazily is indeed a pleasing thought. Cleaning the tank regularly and keeping your fish’s home clean isn’t that much fun however. So, a bunch of designers came up with … Continue reading

    Use the classifieds to get yourself a good job

    Stay ahead: There are a number of people all around the world who are bound to be looking for a job at the same time that you are. This means that you will invariably have a lot of competition at … Continue reading

    Tree Café – Stockholm’s unusually charming and mobile café

    Who needs a brick and mortar café to enjoy a hot cup of brew with your buddies when you could simply make use of the Tree Café! This one-of-a-kind café literally makes use of trees as a place to spend … Continue reading

    Memory lighting concept brings back childhood memories

    We’ve come across eye-catching lighting fixtures before. Here’s one that joins the ranks, designed by Boris Klimek for Brokis. Called the Memory, this lighting fixture concept is reminiscent of memories from our childhood. The lights are designed to replicate balloons … Continue reading

    Fire Shelter 01, an oasis of warmth by SHJWorks

    There are pieces of architecture that stand out on horizons, like this beautifully designed hut that adorns a Copenhagen park. Designed by Danish studio SHJWorks, the egg-shaped hut was the brainchild of architect Simon Hjermind Jensen and his team. Called … Continue reading

    Eye-catching art installation made using UV lighting and glowing threads

    Threads and UV lights have never been used this brilliantly before. Conceptualized and developed by artist Jeongmoon Choi from Korea, this beautiful glowing art installation involves the use of UV-light-friendly threads. These are then paired with cleverly installed UV lights. … Continue reading

    Velopresso, the eco-friendly mobile coffee-shop

    Looking for a hot cup of coffee on the go? Well, the Velopresso’s here to the rescue! A trike that dishes out coffees on the go, literally, this mobile espresso bar was designed and developed by coffee-loving bikers, Amos Reid … Continue reading

    Marc Newson’s Body Jet, the new mode of transport!

    Tired of driving or riding around? Has the mass-transit system of your urban paradise failed to live up to your expectations? Well, here’s a new way to get around, one that’ll surely catch the eyes of everyone you soar above! … Continue reading

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