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    Artist turns WiFi signals into colorful patterns with low exposure photography

    We’ve always loved strong WiFi signals. For us, these are more than just electronically transmitted magic beams that give us unlimited access to the world of the internet. This is exactly why this revelation by an artist named Luis Hernan … Continue reading

  • Taku-Tanku concept micro-home is made from repurposed water tanks!

    Recycling and repurposing used articles is important in an environment that’s slowly being choked to death by pollutants. Keeping this in mind, New York city-based Stereotank has designed the Taku-Tanku for the Little House competition held in Japan. This home … Continue reading

    Heart-rate sensors in cars could alert sleepy drivers and help guide them to safety

    Falling asleep at the wheel while driving isn’t uncommon and incidents like these have led to accidents world-wide long since human kind began to imagine that sleep deprivation and driving do not go hand in hand. Incidentally, they do, and … Continue reading

    Dubai announces the biggest mall in the world, the 8,000,000 square feet Mall of the World

    Dubai loves living life big size. This ideology is pretty much carried over to the architecture in the city too. Now, Emirate’s rulers have begun planning to bring home the world’s largest mall, nicknamed the Mall of the World. Unlike … Continue reading

    Gerry Judah creates 160-ton-steel installation for Mercedes Benz

    Those who’ve been playing with Hot Wheels racetracks probably won’t find this as awesome as us, given the fact that this fabulous structure is nothing short of a modern-world marvel. Artist Gerry Judah created this sculpture for Mercedes Benz in … Continue reading

    The Distortion bag is futuristically suave!

    Fashion designers love triangles. This is just why BAO BAO ISSEY MIYAKE and N&R Foldings joined hands recently to create a bag that’s completely constructed from triangles! Called Distortion, this bag is as out-of-the-box as can be and has its … Continue reading

    LEGO adds a touch of technology to its legendary bricks

    Kids these days don’t really play with the toys we’ve grown up with. Instead, the younger generation spends more time on computers, tablets and smartphones. In an effort to bridge the digital world with tangible toys, LEGO has come up … Continue reading

    Lujac Desautel designs a yacht inspired by LEGO blocks and skyscrapers

    Yachts do no necessarily need to look like big over-expensive boats. California College of the Arts architecture student Lujac Desautel recently proved the same with this concept inspired by interlocking LEGO blocks and skyscrapers. The vessel is organized vertically by … Continue reading

    Tiny vibrating device with sensors could help the blind get around!

    Visually impaired people still have a hard time getting around today, despite the fact that technology innovations have reached the pinnacle, or have they? This recent development we’ve spotted could soon be helping folks with visual disorders get around safely … Continue reading

    Lado Bokuchava’s Atelier Kikala Autumn/Winter 2014/2015 collection shimmers bright

    We’ve been spending a lot of our time lately watching the fourth season of the Game of Thrones series, obviously. This is also why Georgian designer Lado Bokuchava’s Atelier Kikala Autumn/Winter 2014/2015 collection caught our eye. We’ve been fantasizing of … Continue reading

    Underground park design for Abu Dhabi by Thomas Heatherwick keeps the scorching sun away!

    There are cities where building parks simply isn’t possible, because of space-crunches of course. Abu Dhabi could soon have the answer. Instead of squeezing in tiny insignificant parks in every place that has a few square meters of empty space, … Continue reading

    The NIKElab makes a physical space go digital

    Ever wondered what goes into the creation and conceptualization of a Nike product? Well, residents of cities like New York, London, Paris, Milan, Shanghai and Hong Kong can now have a peek at the sporting goods manufacturer’s best innovations, thanks … Continue reading

    Mexico City to soon play home to an ultra modern airport

    Airports are big. We all know that for a fact. That fact is also the reason why most architects love designing airports, since they work as oversized canvases and sandboxes they can play with. Recently, TEN arquitectos + SOM + … Continue reading

    The Floating City will enable mankind to live in the sea

    Let’s face the fact that the urban world has expanded horizontally to such an extent, that human beings have now begun living several hundred feet off the ground. Instead, in the future, humankind could soon use the waters of the … Continue reading

    MIT creates robotic arms that can help you do additional chores

    Let’s be honest. There have indeed been a bunch of times when we’ve dearly wished we had more than just two arms. Times like when we’re at the movies, trying to hold on to the popcorn, the nachos, the soda … Continue reading

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