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    Intel’s “Display without Boundaries” turns plain surfaces into multi-touch screens

    There were times when staring at blank walls was considered silly. Now, you could turn your otherwise harmless wall into a full-fledged display screen with the flick of a switch! The Intel Developer Forum saw the unveiling of a promising … Continue reading

  • Sound of Tangibility gives you a complete 4D experience

    The 4D experience lets you “feel”. Quite simply put there, however with the Sound of Tangibility, you can experience the same without having to go into some sort of a high-end theatre room. The vibration device is wearable on your … Continue reading

    Microsoft’s Printed Dress shows up Tweets in real-time

    Whoever said technology isn’t fashionable and is restricted to the kingdom of geeks wasn’t obviously thinking ahead. Microsoft recently managed to woo the crowd at the New York Fashion Week with its one-of-a-kind Printed Dress. In essence a Tweet-enabled garment … Continue reading

    A luxurious Blackberry PlayPhone or a Windows phone?

    To be clear, it is both! Although just a concept, the Blackberry Playphone Windows Phone 8 Concept is designed by Vietnamese freelance designer Pham Tran Hai and perfectly compliments the suit-clad businessman. The powerpacked phone comes with a 4.3 inch … Continue reading

    A printer that prints smell of the food

    A Chinese student Zhu Jingxuan has made a food printer that is a combination of a camera, smell extractor, and printer. The innovative design that took months of designing won the “most-fun” award of the sixth Sony Student Design Workshop. … Continue reading

    Wearable glasses enable the deaf to “see” sounds!

    People suffering from hearing-disabilities have a tough time getting around every day, particularly in crowded urban environments wherein pedestrians need to keep a ear open for honking cars approaching. Researchers at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) … Continue reading

    Funky new iron with inspirations from a hair-straightener

    It’s not that convenient to carry around an iron, especially, if you are always on the go. However, that doesn’t stop your clothes from creasing. Well, you can stop worrying about that with the iron that takes inspiration from a … Continue reading

    RiSR system uses network-connected sensors to help you push the awkwardness away!

    There was a time when finishing schools were the best way to brush up your social skills and learn how to charm folk around you. Now, technology’s here to the rescue. This recent development called RiSR is in essence a … Continue reading

    DTV Shredder makes a Segway look like a child’s toy

    Science prodigy and genius Ben Gulak came under scanned when his design won the award for best marketable product at Intel’s International Science and Engineering Fair. He had created the Uno, a mix between the Segway and a motorcycle. However, … Continue reading

    Maspro unveils cutting-edge home-surveillance system with motion detection

    Looking for a better way of keeping an eye on your feline friend and canine companion? Maspro’s latest in home security helps users keep a close eye on pets and younger family members using one’s smartphone or PC as a … Continue reading

    Present the Porsche Cayman Gaming Lounger

    Created for the Porsche Product Contest by Natasha Call, the Porsche Cayman Gaming Lounger is a special gaming seat that comes fitted with all the high-end features of grain leather and exquisite stitching that you would see on the Cayman. … Continue reading

    Hyginex system helps improve hygiene standards in hospital with technology

    Picking up infections in hospitals remains a cause of concern even today, causing havoc in healthcare scenarios and leaving many hospital-visitors with ailments unforeseen. Annually, around 900,000 deaths are caused due to diseases contracted in hospitals, most of which are … Continue reading

    Sleek iPad Kiosk design is extremely portable

    The accessories designed by freelance designers for Apple products are immense. Vibhas Jain, a product designer based out of San Francisco, CA has designed a sleek and portable kiosk for the iPad. Standing at waist level, the simple yet elegant … Continue reading

    Walking House: Whole new meaning to nomadic living

    When you discover something or even invent something, the general trend in that is to think of the future and move ahead. Now there is something called as a Walking House which is taking things back, all the way back … Continue reading

    Next generation robotic hand to help dispose bombs

    Human beings keep researching so that their lives are as safe and as comfortable as possible. Sandia National Laboratories have developed something so impressive; it has the capacity to save innumerable lives. The Sandia Hand is a robotic hand that … Continue reading

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