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    photoBot autonomously clicks pictures without human intervention!

    Capturing pictures at house parties isn’t always easy, particularly when the better part of your guest list has been chugging down the contents of their glasses quicker than usual. Well, we’ve got the perfect way to capture those magical party … Continue reading

  • World’s first bamboo smartphone by AD Creative

    Can you imagine a life without a mobile phone now? It’s hard. It has become such an integral part in our survival. While we are at it, and changing the earthly ambience with more static than natural air, we might … Continue reading

    The Musicon educates the young about the art of music!

    Musical genius doesn’t come that easily and more often than not, some of the world’s best musicians start of at an early age. If you’ve been looking for the perfect tool to turn your little one into a musical prodigy, … Continue reading

    Israeli researchers develop intelligent camera that de-scatters light to see through frosted glass

    Using a frosted glass and the like is one of the best ways to keep prying eyes out. These cleverly crafted sheets of glass are capable of scattering light around, making it impossible to look through, while subsequently allowing sufficient … Continue reading

    +-8Wrist Watch for the challenged

    Prof. Ying Fangtian, Chai Chunlei, Chen Qingyuan, Li Ke, Pan Yu, Cao Yu, Gu Shirong, Liu Yi, Pan Xiaobi and Li Xiaowei came up with a noble design that could help visually-impaired people also tell you what the time is. … Continue reading

    ASETNIOP keyboard replacement makes typing on touch-screens easier

    Touch typists are known to have a particularly hard time using touch-screen devices like smartphones and tablets. This concept we came across called the ASETNIOP however gives tablet users the advantage of a full-fledged QWERTY keyboard. Developed by Zack Dennis, … Continue reading

    A wristwatch that will sings the time to you

    As the title suggests, an LCD/E-ink display watch that instead of showing the time with the hour and minute hands, shows the wave file of the voice that is generated to tell the time. The three primary function of any … Continue reading

    POW! Concept is a sturdy yet efficient smartphone

    We have all seen pictures of damaged smartphones as soon as they come out and a careless owner drops them. What makes these phones extremely advanced is the same that makes them extremely fragile. Bringing a fresh concept to the … Continue reading

    Stand in ROBOT means no missing school anymore

    Its kind of a bummer to know that you will still attend school even when you are sick. You don’t have to be personally present on sick days in school, but still manage not to miss any classes. This is … Continue reading

    HDRchitecture goggles give your world a 3D effect!

    Ever wished you could peek at the world in high definition? Well, this project by the researchers at the University of Toronto is bound to make your life a lot more interesting. In essence a pair of high-tech goggles that … Continue reading

    Golmoo gaming device makes mobile-gaming easier

    Gaming can be tedious, particularly if the peripherals you’ve put to use are mediocre and moody. Designers Woo Seunghyun, Eim Sanghyun and Kim Changmok have recently unveiled a concept device designed to increase your gaming efficiency and accuracy. Called the … Continue reading

    4th Dimension tabletop watch made from concrete

    Watches are a piece of technology that has often doubled up as works of art. Designers Sean Yu and Yiting Cheng came up with this spectacularly unconventional table watch. Called the 4th Dimension, the watch resembles a spiral staircase, with … Continue reading

    Washit, not only washes you but also your clothes at the same time

    Washit, an innovative shower unit is a combination of a shower and a washing machine. It collects and filters used water for washing clothes or showering. It is a closed plumbing system with two water pumps, three filters, a UV … Continue reading

    Social networking bracelet that lets you find similar people around you

    As creepy as it sounds, Cambridge-based startup company has developed the Amico Bracelet that accesses you social networking profiles, analyzes and keeps transmitting it to people up to 50 feet from you. This bracelet helps you find people similar to … Continue reading

    Intel’s “Display without Boundaries” turns plain surfaces into multi-touch screens

    There were times when staring at blank walls was considered silly. Now, you could turn your otherwise harmless wall into a full-fledged display screen with the flick of a switch! The Intel Developer Forum saw the unveiling of a promising … Continue reading

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