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    The glass and wood Audiowood Barky Turntable is unconventionally beautiful

    Turntables get trendier! If you aren’t one to opt for those chunks of metal that play your records out loud, opt for this fantastic concept by Joel Scilley instead! Called the Audiowood Barky Turntable, this concept uses two materials for … Continue reading

  • Taiwanese manufacturer develops near-transparent smartphone prototype

    It was only a matter of time until the world finally got a taste of transparent smartphone technology. Polytron Technologies, a Taiwan-based manufacturer, recently showed-off this nearly invisible prototype that could well be the world’s first transparent phone. Made from … Continue reading

    Sell New and Used Electronics Online

    The Internet makes it possible to sell electronics online so you can profit off of your old laptops and iPhones. Even if you are going into business where you will be selling new and refurbished electronics it is possible online. … Continue reading

    Tactus Technology develops micro-fluid keys that rise out of touchscreens

    People used to tactile QWERTY keys usually frown when it comes to using touch screen devices. Recently a startup firm called Tactus Technology came up with this fantastic screen that literally has buttons pop out of it! Using micro-fluids, the … Continue reading

    de Poorter Design’s revolutionary iFlex, the flexible-phone concept!

    Flexible displays are indeed in. Soon, the technology world will be over-flowing with flexible devices, including smartphones and tablets. One of the concepts giving us a peek at what’s in store for us ahead is the iFlex, a flex-phone concept … Continue reading

    Snow Peak’s Lapel Torch lantern keeps away the dark on outdoor trips

    Snow Peak has recently unveiled its newest brainchild, crafted to make your trip to the outdoors easier. Called the Lapel Torch, this portable lantern comes in handy particularly when out camping and trekking. Sporting a magnetic clip, the lantern can … Continue reading

    The translucent future of the Apple iPad

    In future, devices are bound to go translucent. Up ahead, all we will require to carry around are slabs of glass that will transform into computing devices like tablets and smartphones. Designer Ricardo Luis Monteiro Afonso gave the world a … Continue reading

    LA100 UAV hooks on to GoPro cameras for aerial shots

    GoPro cameras are perhaps one of the best ways to capture moments in particularly harsh conditions. French innovator Lehmann Aviation came up with this fantastic way to further expand the boundaries of using the GoPro camera. Called the LA100, this … Continue reading

    The Legacy Edition watch face inspired by the Tron film

    The 2010 Tron: Legacy film inspired loads of designers world over, driving them to create stuff themed around the movie. Alexander Morgan, based in the United Kingdom, has come up with this eye-catching watch face inspired by the Tron film. … Continue reading

    Ballo – The sleek and simple portable smartphone speaker

    Yes, you’ve probably begun shuddering from the overflow of iPhone accessories that have begun flooding the market place. Well, this one’s apart from the rest and is christened the Ballo. In essence a portable speaker for your smartphone, the Ballo … Continue reading

    Jakub Záhor’s concept device turns glass-surfaces into computers

    There are designs that catch our eye from time to time and leave us wishing for the future. One of these is designer Jakub Záhor’s brainchild, a concept that could very well change the realm of computing forever. The designer … Continue reading

    Finger ring concept allows users to make and disconnect calls!

    Mobile phone technology is developing more quickly than ever. Recently, we came across these fabulous fashion accessories, rings that hook up to your smartphone, allowing you to answer calls by making simple hand gestures! Conceptualized by Javier Bertani, Ezequiel Castro … Continue reading

    Speaker Plugs make your music mobile!

    Portable speakers have been around for a while. However, most of these are a bit too chunky to carry around in reality. While the battery-powered Bluetooth speakers to serve the purpose, conceptual designer Jinseup Ted Shin came up with yet … Continue reading

    The Node device attaches to the iPhone to measure just about anything!

    Measuring tapes, thermometers and just about everything else used to measure stuff could soon turn obsolete, thanks to this fabulous new device by George Yu. Called the Node, this one hooks up to the Apple iPhone and is a three-inch … Continue reading

    Cochlea Speakers look great and sound better

    Home appliances are turning into sculptures of art, particularly entertainment devices like television screens and music systems. Designers Rodolfo Samperio and Sergio Dávila showed off this concept speaker design called the Cochlea Speakers. A hi-fi sound system in essence, these … Continue reading

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