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    The ROOM Collection Furniture System sports customizable “blocks”

    Furniture doesn’t need to necessarily be conventional, particularly for those who like a little bit of uniqueness in the pieces they bring home. The ROOM Collection Furniture System by Erik Olovsson & Kyuhyung Cho recently caught our eye, for the … Continue reading

  • The classy and trendy Q1 Lounge Chair is inspired by geodesic domes

    We love furniture that’s completely unique, out-of-the-box and makes you want to stay at home. Though pieces of furniture like these aren’t a common sight, we’ve managed to dig one out, from ODESD2’s stables. Called the Q1 lounge chair, this … Continue reading

    Mathy by Bols designs beds that’ll make naptime easier, for parents

    As kids, most of us hated nap time. Not only because of those ferocious monsters nestled below our beds, but also because of the fact that sleeping was considered as a waste of time, especially when there’s a whole world … Continue reading

    Winnie the Pooh-inspired table collection designed by Nendo

    If you’ve been a die-hard fan of Winnie the Pooh and his furry friends long since you can remember, here’s a set of furniture that’s bound to grab your fancy. Designed specifically for Walt Disney Japan, these maple tables are … Continue reading

    The Tipi shelving system can be adapted to your needs

    Human beings have slowly turned more fickle minded than ever, and are constantly redesigning and rearranging their living spaces, so much, that designers have now begun crafting furniture that can change and adapt to a user’s needs, whenever required. One … Continue reading

    The Foldigon coffee-table-seat is ‘out-of-the-box’!

    Let’s face it. Sitting on a coffee table is never a great idea and acts like these have led to broken backs and broken furniture quite often before. The Rami Tareef Studio decided to put an end to people falling … Continue reading

    It’s a desk! It’s a chair! And a bookshelf too!

    Pieces of furniture that double up as other pieces of furniture are always a great thing to have around, particularly if you live in a smaller apartment block where space crunches are an every phenomena. This is where the Pi … Continue reading

    Flux Chair concept designer seating solution folds down flat

    Let’s face it, not every foldable and portable seating solution looks great and more often than not, these lose out on their aesthetics to make up for practicality. That’s what sets the Flux Chair a mile apart from the rest. … Continue reading

    Foam cabinets that “melt” under heavy loads

    We’ve seen and used storage cabinets made of aluminum, wood and plastic. What we haven’t come across before, is furniture as such made of foam, which is really why Dutch designer Dewi van de Klomp’s soft cabinet project caught our … Continue reading

    The Apple iDesk concept turns an iPad into a huge workstation!

    American technology giant Apple, is known for creating devices that manage to grab eyeballs with their minimalist designs and beautiful edges. Drawing inspiration from these designs, the folks at MacLife decided to create an Apple iDesk concept that turns an … Continue reading

    Tour Table by Gae Aulenti pays tribute to the world of bicycling

    Has bicycling always been on your mind? Do you treat the Tour de France as an annual pilgrimage? Did your world come crashing down when Lance Amstrong finally admitted his mistakes? Well then, this table’s crafted just for you! Designed … Continue reading

    Helios, the outdoor heated lounge seat that keeps you warm

    Is sitting out in the patio a not-so-pleasant experience, thanks to the chilly weather? A design and fabrication studio called Galanter & Jones has the solution for this. The studio has come up with a line of heated outdoor furniture, … Continue reading

    The Floating Dining table requires no magic to “levitate”

    Magic? No. Innovative design? Hell yes! We’ve seen a bunch of cleverly crafted dining tables in our time, but this one surely takes the cherry atop the cake. Called the Floating Dining table, this clever piece of furniture by designer … Continue reading

    Banana-shaped pool table by Cleon Daniel

    Tired of the conventional pool table lathered in green? Give this jolly yellow banana-shaped pool table a try instead! Designed by Cleon Daniel, this banana shaped pool table is inspired by themes of life and the environment. The table was … Continue reading

    Pega WindUp chair charges your smartphone

    Given the fact that we’re huge fans of everything related to design and technology, wind-up mechanisms do interest us too, which is why we simply can’t get enough of this fantastic WindUp Chair that charges up your smartphone as you … Continue reading

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