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    The Portavilion made from translucent membrane looks elegant

    A translucent membrane that stuffs into the back of a van can be inflated to create a temporary pavilion. The portavilion designed by Raumlaborberlin can be taken to the desired location, and then inflated and supported by air to act … Continue reading

  • Element House by MOS

    MOS has designed the Element House as an architecture concept for a new ecology. An entirely unique creation, the living space is done up using living organism patterns algorithms. The concept comprises of using the archetypal shapes of a house, … Continue reading

    EM2N design beautiful Swiss Chalet

    Architects EM2N have designed this amazing Swiss chalet. A design masterpiece, this beautiful Chalet located in the scenic Swiss Alps is truly amazing. Its unique structure and design make it stand apart from the rest. Inside too, the Chalet brims … Continue reading

    Strata tower: A skyscraper with wind turbines incorporated in its design

    Eco-building concepts are on a steady rise owing to the need of the hour and a necessity to capture renewable sources of energy. The Strata Tower in London’s Elephant and Castle Area is one such building concept that incorporates wind … Continue reading

    Model of Energy producing skyscraper that resembles pasta

    Polish architects at mode:lina are probably too weary of windmills and linear-efficient modes of energy, to have come up with the concept of energy-producing skyscraper. The pasta-like structure mixes wind, kinetic and water production for maximum efficiency. Besides that, it … Continue reading

    Vertical Prison keeps inmates up and above the rest!

    Some people believe that post-release offenses are high and these need to be prevented. I agree but the Vertical Prison idea takes it so seriously that it doesn’t allow the criminal to even stay on the ground. This project will … Continue reading

    Pedestrian Bridge constructed in France as a symbol of contemporary urban relationships

    We have massive structures being built everyday, but very few of them have revolutionary social significance as the Pedestrian Bridge constructed by American architect Bernard Tschumi and French firm Hugh Dutton Associes. The bridge has opened in La Roche-sur-Yon in … Continue reading

    Inflatable Membrane Façade will Save Energy and Reduce Carbon Emission

    With invention of many electronic gadgets, energy consumption has increased today than what was say 20 years back. Similarly carbon emissions or so-called greenhouse gases accumulate in the atmosphere and help to warm it. These problems appear insurmountable in the … Continue reading

    Korea to house world’s first Robot theme park

    If reports are to be believed, Korea will house the world’s first Robot theme park. According to Korea Herald, the robot magic kingdom will be part of a giant residential and industrial complex called Robot Land in Incheon, one of … Continue reading

    Tower Skin concept to shield the ugly buildings in an eco-friendly envelope

    Just as fashion in terms of clothes and hairstyles goes through a revolutionary change every now and then, architectural structures and building patterns also transform in their styles. But one cannot do away with the old buildings, just because their … Continue reading

    A house with a glass wall

    ‘Don’t throw stones at others if your own house is made of glass’ is now quite an old saying. But it literally applies here where the house is made of a glass wall. Alexander Frangoul from Germany has designed this … Continue reading

    “Digital Baroque” Soumaya Museum is an architectural wonder

    Telecom magnate Carlos Slim’s son-in-law, Fernando Romero is quite an architect we hear. He is a star in the Mexico’s architectural community and has won several praises in international design competitions. He is currently working on Mexico City’s Soumaya Museum … Continue reading

    “Paddling Home”- A tiny floating house

    Kacey Wong from Hong Kong has created a tiny floating house called “Paddling Home” as part of the 2009 Hong Kong & Shenzhen Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/ Architecture showing till 2/27/2010. It is a 4’x 4’x 4’ small house covered … Continue reading

    ZeroHouse is a house on the go!

    Zero Hose reminds me of the famous packers and movers in the town. Literally, you can actually pack up this entire house and move it around, wherever you’d next wish to live. It is a self-sustaining home that you can … Continue reading

    MercuryHouseOne concept is a reality

    One of the few concepts to actual materialize is the MercuryHouseOne concept project. The concept lounge has now become a fully functional entertainment haven. The mobile pod shaped lounge features large acrylic windows for enhanced air and light circulation, and … Continue reading

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