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    The Rubber House by Zeinstra Van Gelderen Architecten made from urethane resin

    Remember the story of the three pigs and the big bad wolf? One built a house a straw, one a house of wood, and the wise one, a house of bricks. Well, Amsterdam-based office Zeinstra Van Gelderen Architecten thought the … Continue reading

  • The rotating pavilion, Multi Mill combines an outdoor catwalk, a cinema, and a theater

    Pavilions were never made to be rotating, until now, probably because no-one really thought of a concept like that. The NL Architects came up with a design for a new entertainment venue in Amsterdam’s Madison Square Garden. An outdoor catwalk, … Continue reading

    Discarded bottles recycled into homes and buildings

    Smashing bottles or tossing them in a bin isn’t as attractive as building a home using them, or at least that’s what the designers of these buildings thought. Why use those boring old bricks and stones when you could stack … Continue reading

    The Office Pod for your backyard by Manuel Villa and Alberto González

    There are a few lucky individuals on the face of this earth who have the utmost pleasure of working from home. No corporate mess ups or dress codes, no annoying boss peeking down at your work, and no flirty colleagues … Continue reading

    A bookstore unlike a bookstore, the Times bookstore in Indonesia

    You probably have come across or at times, taken the trouble to enter a bookstore before. For the not-so-intellectual mind, a bookstore seems like a blank brick wall to look at. Well, bookstores get a lot more interesting than the … Continue reading

    Santiago Calatrava unveils design for rail station at Denver International Airport

    As part of the Denver International Airport’s South Terminal Redevelopment Program, architect Santiago Calatrava just unveiled his design for a new rail station at the airport. The new design reveals a rail station that will add a rail link from … Continue reading

    Revolutionary in design, the 9 Hours Capsule Hotel

    A holiday is an experience that comes once in a blue moon in a busy individual’s life full of schedules. And making the most of a holiday means that the enjoyment levels need to be pushed above the top, be … Continue reading

    The pool above ground that needs no digging

    Ever wondered what it feels like to see someone swim in a block of water? Well, here’s something that could simply take your breath away. Who needs those boring old swimming pools in your backyard when you could have one … Continue reading

    The Fab Lab House produces three times more energy than it consumes by IAAC

    Now if we’d have to come across this one in the dead of the night, we’d probably scare our pants off into thinking it’s a space ship. Well it hardly is anything near to extra terrestrial. It’s a home and … Continue reading

    Mathieu Lehanneur designs L’Atelier des Enfants education center

    Mathieu Lehanneur has recently opened up an education center at the Centre Pompidou in Paris for kids. The area developed is just great for a child to spend time in making education a fun filled learning experience. Christened as the … Continue reading

    Floating homes in the Halong Bay area in Vietnam

    The Halong Bay area in Vietnam is home to 1600 inhabitants, none of whom have access to proper housing, though the area is a popular tourist destination. Family life in this area suffers, due to lack of space and adequate … Continue reading

    Lumenhaus: Solar powered home

    Lumenhaus is another green architectural design that will surely be loved by green lovers. An energy efficient home, the Lumenhaus has been designed by students of Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University. A solar powered structure; it makes use of … Continue reading

    The Tin Foil home gleams silver

    Now we’ve heard of our lunches being packed in tin foil to keep the food warm and fresh. Well, someone decided to go a step further, and ended up covering everything he came across in his home with nothing else … Continue reading

    The Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi to open its doors in October 2010

    Nothing’s better than driving around in a Ferrari, grabbing all the attention and making all the heads turn. Even Michael Schumacher loves these sweet, fast and usually iconic red machines by the Italian automobile giant. The company has spun out … Continue reading

    Villa Saitan is inspired by nature

    The exterior of this apartment building located in Kyoto, Japan, is inspired by nature. The outside of the Villa Saitan building, designed by Eastern Design Office, is covered with leaf shaped holes that add design and character to the structure. … Continue reading

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