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    The Farm by Akihisa Hirata is modeled on the fold concept

    Optimum usage of space is one contention most architects and interior designers have to take into consideration while designing a structure. Likewise, The Farm by Japanese architect Akihisa Hirata is modeled on the folds concept and is influenced by the … Continue reading

  • Another Pyramid in Paris- Le Projet Triangle by Herzog & de Meuron

    I thought the Parisians were done with triangular forms after the installation in front of the Louvers drew much flack. But the romance with the form has just begun to warm up and architects Herzog & de Meuron have unveiled … Continue reading

    Reversible Destiny is a quirky accommodation by Arakawa and Madeline Gins

    The visual appeal of this apartment style just stumps you. Its mismatched demeanor tickles the visual palette and leaves you wanting for more. The architects Arakawa with his wife, Madeline Gins built these “reversible destiny” loft-style apartments in Mitake, Japan. … Continue reading

    Crooked houses and more

    Do you remember that poem from grade school? There was a Crooked Man Who lived in a crooked house, He had a crooked cat That caught a crooked mouse. On the same lines are these architectural wonders that amused me … Continue reading

    Vertical Surface Communities designed by Jan Lim

    An architect’s dream is to build a community that thrives on the essence of space and can still communicate and interact with other members of the society. People living in ultra modern setups, have notions of exclusivity and connectivity with … Continue reading

    Save Trees- Grow homes in them!

    It sounds like a crazy idea, but if scientists from US and Israel have their way, Cinderella of the next-gen will be doing her chores in a ecological home grown from tree roots. The ingenious ‘tree-homes’ use advanced techniques of … Continue reading

    SuperKraken a Marine Odyssey for children to enjoy

    The SuperKraken is a concept developed for Brazilian Alcoa Innovation Competition. It showcases a concept where children frolic in a carefree environment. Designed by NotuDesigns, the idea incorporates a play are that thrives on the imagination of the child using … Continue reading

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