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    MOS has designed the Element House as an architecture concept for a new ecology. An entirely unique creation, the living space is done up using living organism patterns algorithms. The concept comprises of using the archetypal shapes of a house, a rectangle, a triangle on top and a chimney, as a base. From there forms are extruded and modulated to grow according the Fibonacci sequence, a mathematical algorithm describing the developmental patterns in living organisms. Courtesy the unique shapes, the house expands and contracts to welcome multiple or extended families. The unique concept home also redefines the idea of a village. The house also features no fireplace. The fireplace is replaced with an atmospheric inlet, bringing the light and weather from outside the house in. Totally green, the homes would be completely “off the grid,” operating independently of traditional utility services. Furthermore, the pre-fabricated modules, limited to a footprint of 1500 square feet maximum, would follow strict LEED design criteria.

    Interested folks can view this project at the Museum of Outdoor Arts (MOA) in Denver, Colorado where it is currently on display.

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