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    Ever since the conception of the human race, designing has blended into being an integral part of life. Be it the development of Neanderthal stone tools, the innovation of the wheel or modern day technology, just about every one of these was, in its pre-natal stage, a thought, drawn out into a design, and finally sculpted into being. Today, designers from every nook and cranny of the world put down their pens, turning their thoughts and imaginations into designs that in turn mutate into concepts or hit manufacturing lines. We at Design Launches give these designs a look through our magnifying glasses of expertise in design, bringing to you some of the most noticeable designs that might just help shape the world in the future and change the very way we as human beings live.

    Founded in 2007, Design Launches has featured and continues to headline designs from just about every walk of life, be it furnishing, architecture, gadgets, transport modes and a lot more, all of whom are unique, extraordinary and simply apt to take your breath away, a paradigm shift from the run of the mill.

    Give the ordinary a break, and indulge in the out-worldly and never-seen-before world of Design Launches.

    For more information or feedback feel free to write us at – tips at designlaunches.com

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