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    Solar Impulse 2, the predecessor to the world’s first solar-powered airplane, to fly in 2015

    solar-impulse-2-1The Solar Impulse, also crowned to be the world’s first solar-powered airplane to attempt a circumnavigation of the world without fossil fuel, has etched a place for itself in the history of mankind. Following this, an updated version of the plane called the Solar Impulse 2 will take to the skies in 2015, attempting to fly around the world once again. The updated plane sports thin solar panels that cover its 236-foot-long wings. These charges up the plane’s battery in sunshine and provide juice for the electric motors, which in turn keep the plane up in the air.
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  • Yves Béhar’s Bubble Lounge installation enables guests to personalize soda machines

    bubble-lounge-sodastream-1For those who haven’t heard of the SodaStream line before, these home appliances are well-designed soda makers that enable users to churn out a fresh glass of soda at home. Swiss-born designer Yves Béhar recently graced the occasion of the Milan Design Week 2014 with his interactive installation called the Bubble Lounge, an assembly line that enables those interacting with it to create their own personalized SodaStream machine! Users can select from six interchangeable colors across the product’s three core components, including the carbonating block, the hollow support stand and the base.
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    The Balloon Chair promises to make you cheerful and feel elevated!

    balloon-chair-1Why settle for the same old tediously boring furniture when you can bring home something that’s interesting, eye-catching and completely out-of-the-box, right? That’s exactly why this unconventionally cheerful chair that seems to have been inspired by the animated film Up was created. Director Satoshi Itasaka of Japanese studio h220430 created this concept, called the Balloon Chair. The chair has attached to it 10 helium balloons, that give it the illusion of floating. Instead, these balloons are hooked onto the ceiling with invisible anchor cords.
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    Altergaze concept enables users to enjoy virtual reality tech using conventional smartphones

    virtual-realityAnd just when we’d begun to imagine that Facebook’s newly acquired Oculus Rift is the epitome of virtual reality technology, Liviu Berechet Antoni and his creation, the Altergaze, made us think twice. Antoni developed a way to enable tech-lovers like us to use our smartphone displays for a fantastically brilliant virtual reality experience! The Altergaze is in essence a smartphone accessory that is constructed using a series of 3D-printed rubber layers, some screws and a pair of optical lens. This contraption has a 110-degree field of view and uses the phone’s gyroscope to track motion in as many as 9 different axes.
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    Land Rover unveils the technologically-possible Transparent Bonnet concept

    land-rover-transparent-bonnet-1Thanks to cameras, manufacturers and designers around the world have successfully been turning solid surfaces transparent. Most recently, the jolly folks at Land Rover used cameras and a little bit of innovative technology to create the ‘Transparent Bonnet’ concept for their future cars. The technology literally enables drivers to see through the bonnet of their cars, with the cameras attached on the car’s grille that relay a view of the terrain ahead and beneath the front of the car.
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    The incredible inflatable Japanese-fan-inspired pillow called the Soufflet unveiled

    inflatable-soufflet-pillow-1Kiss that pain in your neck goodbye. We weren’t talking about your spouse; we meant the real pain in your neck. Here’s a pillow that’s completely unconventional and promises to give you a good night’s sleep, sans a painful neck. Called the Soufflet, this inflatable pillow was designed by Paris-based Bina Baitel studio in collaboration with textile designer Luce Couille, and is designed to support a users head, neck and shoulders.
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    John Rogers’s electronic health monitoring patches are inexpensive and practical

    health-monitor-patchesTracking one’s health, particularly the heart, is important and people have begun using technology to their advantage for the same off late. John Rogers’s latest concept is a promising stick-on circuit board that works as a health-monitoring device for people. Unlike a clip-on gadget or a heart-rate bracelet, this device is less intrusive and sticks on like a temporary tattoo of sorts. The device is flexible too and more or less resembles an extremely technologically-advanced bandage of sorts.
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    Baobed cocoon-shaped treehouse is designed to be hung from trees

    tiny-baobed-treehouse-1Why settle for and in the ordinary when you can have something extremely out-of-this-world and breathtaking instead, right? Here’s an unconventional way to lay back and relax, called the Baobed treehouse. Shaped like a cocoon, this concept treehouse can be suspended among tree branches, enabling adventurous folk to live high above the ground and amidst nature. Oval shaped and inspired by an exotic fruit that grows on baobab trees, the Baobed treehouse is approximately 13 feet long and 6.5 feet wide and weighs 992 pounds.
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    Wearable Solar clothes sport solar panels; charge devices on-the-go

    wearable-solar-clothesIt isn’t just technology, cars and homes that are quickly moving towards the greener side of affairs. Fashion too is following suit and leading the way is the Wearable Solar project. The brainchild of entrepreneur Christiaan Holland, experimental designer Pauline van Dongen and solar energy expert Gert Jan Jongerden, Wearable Solar is a range of high-end garments that feature solar panels! These panels soak in solar juice and transforms it all into usable electricity, for wearers to charge their gadgets.
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    Honda’s energy-efficient home generates more power than it consumes

    honda-zero-carbon-home-1Let’s not deny it, human beings desperately need to look for cleaner and more efficient ways to live, if this planet is to be preserved. Giving us all a pretty new horizon to look forward to, Honda has shown off its model home that literally generates more energy than it consumes! Built on campus at the University of California, the house is packed with all the energy-efficient solutions you can think of and uses solar panels to generate energy, charge an electric vehicle, and feed power back into the grid.
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